Reduce Cybersource Credit Card Processing Fees

CyberSource is a highly utilized payment gateway. With CyberSource, merchants can accept credit card payments using all available sales channels (web, mobile, call center, and POS). CyberSource processes payments for a majority of debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and more. They are a great option for enterprise solutions in the following fields: manufacturers, retailers, education services, travel, digital sales, insurance companies, service-based businesses, nonprofit agencies, government and political entities.

Verisave has worked with merchants using CyberSource for years. We are very familiar with their strengths and limitations. Many merchants unknowingly pay high credit card processing fees which Verisave can lower on average by 25% to 35%. If you process mostly B2B transactions through CyberSource, you can expect to save thousands of dollars a month in credit card processing fees by working with Verisave.

Using CyberSource For Payment Processing

Many CyberSource users have confirmed that CyberSource is a simple process to integrate and learn which makes for a great user experience. Customer support is readily available (via a web portal, phone, or email) and highly reliable, with quick response times.

For merchants seeking PCI compliance, implementation of CyberSource often provides the necessary credentials. CyberSource also does a good job of early fraud detection as well as system management.

CyberSource Offers The Following Merchant Services

Enterprise Media & Entertainment

Enterprise Retail

Enterprise Travel


Small Business

Our Integrations & Partnerships

Cross-Channel Payments

Gateway & Processing Connections

Payment Cards

Mobile Payments

Direct Debit & Bank Transfers

Reconciliation Reports

Rules-Based Payer Authentication

Global Tax Calculation

Recurring Billing

Account Updater

CyberSource Payouts

Streamlining PCI Management

Optimizing Fraud Management

Payment Security

Fraud Management

Apple Pay®

Android Pay™

Chase PaySM

Samsung Pay®

Secure Acceptance

Simple Order API and SOAP Toolkit API

Visa Checkout

Virtual Terminal

Batch Upload

Legacy Integrations

CyberSource Customers Can Reduce Their Credit Card Processing Fees With Verisave

Send us a recent merchant statement today to begin your free analysis. By comparing your current processing data to our library of benchmark data in the credit card processing industry, we can identify overspending and areas of potential savings. In 2-3 business days, we will return to you a report of our findings, notifying you if you would be a good candidate for our savings strategies. Verisave will compare your current standing to our proprietary data of past clients’ data. This is a resource containing over 500 companies to help our clients reduce their overall processing costs. After our analysis, you’ll know how your company compares to similar companies within your specific industry as well as a broader spectrum of companies working with credit card processors across the nation.

Interested In Signing Up With CyberSource?

If you are considering using CyberSource merchant services, contact Verisave first. Having worked with CyberSource for many of our clients, we are very familiar with their practices. We can help you to achieve the lowest possible rates and fees for their services.

If you already work with CyberSource, we can still help you to achieve greater savings for credit card processing. By reviewing your most recent merchant statement, our auditing experts can pinpoint areas of potential savings to let you know how you can benefit from working with Verisave.

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