Credit Card Processing Audit

Work with experts to drastically reduce credit card processing fees while keeping your current processor.

Reduce Your Monthly Spending On Credit Card Fees

Businesses can see dramatic savings by lowering credit card processing fees, including American Express merchant account fees.

We Audit Your Company Merchant Accounts And Interchange Rates

Rather than disregarding merchant account fees as a necessary cost of doing business, more businesses are paying closer attention to their credit card transaction fees. Verisave performs a thorough review of your merchant account statement. By reducing negotiable interchange rates, we can dramatically reduce your credit card processing fees and cut unnecessary spending by an average of 25%-35% each month.

Verisave Has An Eye For Merchant Account Statements

Auditing merchant account statements is no simple task. Each credit card network has their own interchange rates and these can vary widely depending on a number of factors. There are also a number of factors that affect your total monthly merchant account fees that can be hard to spot on a merchant account statement.

Variables That Affect The Interchange Rate

  • The type of credit card used (rewards, debit, credit, etc).
  • How the payment is run (wireless, chip, swipe, etc).
  • The type of business the merchant operates.
  • When the batch settlement is paid.

More Variables That Affect Your Merchant Account Fees

  • Processor fees.
  • PCI Compliance or Non-compliance.
  • Junk Fees – These include statement fees, monthly funding fees, services fee, etc.
  • The application of a surcharge fee.

These variables make wading through merchant account statements very confusing. Without an established relationship, negotiations with a processor resulting in fee reductions can be hard to come by. Using our expertise and long-time-knowledge of the credit card industry, your accounting department can use Verisave as a valuable tool in reducing credit card processing fees.

Credit Card Processing Audits

Verisave has worked with every platform used by processors, including TSYS, First Data, Elavon, Chase Paymentech, Worldpay, and Vantiv. As a result, we have acquired extensive knowledge concerning the back-end cost structure of ISOs and processing companies. This means we have real time data to use as a benchmark in implementing fee reductions. We will never recommend that you leave your current processor unless they are unwilling or unable to implement the necessary changes to your merchant account. If you come across an auditing firm that seeks to replace your existing processor right away, know that they most likely have ties to the processors to which they are referring your company. We eliminate this tactic at Verisave to inspire confidence that we are 100% invested in your interests. We work with your current processor to reach the maximum savings possible.

Task your accounting department with performing a self-audit of your merchant account and you can expect to see a savings of 3%-5% in monthly fees. Verisave, on the other hand, can dramatically increase your savings.

On average, Verisave identifies 25%-35% savings for individual clients by reducing interchange rates and even eliminating certain monthly merchant account fees for good.

A Verisave Credit Card Processing Audit Delivers Measurable Data

Businesses can significantly cut spending on credit card processing with the help of the auditing specialists at Verisave. Submit a company merchant account statement to Verisave and we will review it at no cost. In 2-3 days, you will receive a report covering the following information:

  • Monthly credit card processing volume
  • An analysis of what you could be saving each month with Verisave
  • An explanation of how to implement the identified savings
  • Past and current client references so you can talk to others who have experience using Verisave
  • Steps to take for continuing service with Verisave

Give Verisave A Try

Let us show you what the auditing experts at Verisave can do for your business. Before signing any contracts, without handing over a dime, Verisave will demonstrate our worth in savings. It is time to take a deeper look at your merchant account statements to see where you company is overspending and how Versiave can help you.

Verisave has over a decade and a half of experience working with a variety of companies. From healthcare to B2B, we can help companies cut serious costs in a number of ways. With Verisave, you will see:

  • Immediate savings on merchant account fees.
  • Absolutely no need to change current processors.
  • Industry benchmarks for processor comparisons.
  • An average savings of 25%-35%.

At Verisave, we are motivated to find savings for our clients by accepting a portion of that savings as payment for our services. By lowering your merchant account fees, you are guaranteed to see an increase in savings – not an added bill for our services.

Why Verisave & How The Audit Works

Can You Answer The Following Questions?

  • How much profit does my merchant processor make on my account?
  • What fees do I have control over?
  • Am I paying too much in credit card processing fees?
  • Are my fees in line with my competitors?
  • Are savings available to me that I am not aware of?
  • Can my American Express fees be reduced?
  • How do I reduced my fees without switching processors?

If your company is intrigued by the examples above, there is a simple way to begin saving. Send in your company’s most recent merchant account statement and we will analyze it for free. It’s a simple, risk free process.

How the Audit Works.

1. Provide Statement

Send copies of your merchant
statements to Verisave.

2. Receive Free Savings Analysis

Verisave will provide you with
a detailed Savings Analysis.

3. You Save Money

Verisave will implement
the savings for you.

How You Benefit

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • Audit results in 2-3 days
  • Average savings of 25%
  • Lower your overall fees to around 2%
  • Fast and Efficient implementation
  • 90% implementation success rate
  • No switching processors

To get started we need you to provide us with only one thing:

Recent Copy of your credit card merchant statement
Submit statement Now!

Need More Proof We Can Save You Money?

What Our Clients Are Saying

Jacque Fanning – Mary Lanning Healthcare – Hastings, NE

Prior to learning about Verisave, we engaged with another audit company that created a minimal savings to our merchant account. Once that agreement was complete, we brought in Verisave and they successfully implemented a savings significantly greater than what the previous company had found. Verisave’s experience and knowledge allowed this savings to be implemented without any disruption to our credit card processing, guiding us through the entire process. I would highly recommend Verisave to any company looking to reduce their credit card processing fees.

Jacque Fanning - Mary Lanning Healthcare - Hastings, NE

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