Simple Cost-Reduction for Credit Card Processing Fees

Eliminate wasted spend from your merchant account. WITHOUT switching processors.

Zero Risk. Zero Disruption. Zero Expense.

Every time you take a credit card payment, you pay a processing fee. And you are likely being overcharged by 25%-35% on every transaction. Fixing this requires extreme expertise, and the last thing you want to do is change to a new processor …

Verisave has been an expert in credit card processing fees for 20 years. We monitor thousands of merchant statements every month and have eliminated millions in wasted spend.

Our team does all of the work.

We fix and monitor your existing merchant account, and we bring that money back to you.

Verisave offers cost-reduction, simplified. Without any time investment, disruption, risk, or upfront fees, we can easily bring 25%-35% of your credit card processing fees back to your bottom line. 

No need to change processors, and no need to add a project to your team’s workload.



We dissect and analyze every fee on your merchant account to find all viable savings tactics, re-classifications, and hidden discounts.



We apply these tactics to your existing merchant account, implementing all savings for you. We do all of the work.



We monitor the account every month to ensure your fees do not increase over time, and that any annual rate updates are minimized or avoided.

What to Expect

What are the best paying online casinos in Australia?

Let’s take a look at the best online casino reviewed by ExyCasinos in relation to payments. Find out how to control the payout of the casino game and which games offer the best odds.

We have compiled a list of the best online casinos in Australia. Our comprehensive guide provides information on the best paying games you can play to win real money. Payout rates vary between games. Before joining the best online casino, take the time to study and understand the payout percentage. Understand how to improve or take every chance of winning. Our reviews will show you where to find the best payouts at a select number of online casinos in Australia.

What is the payment percentage?

The payout percentage indicates the amount that the casino is willing to return as a profit to the players. Players can claim such winnings based on the total bet placed or the amount spent. However, it is essential to note that this does not guarantee that players will receive their money. This indicates the amount you can win at the online casino. Payout rates can be for one type of game, such as Immortal Romance, blackjack, etc. It can also be for a combination of game genres such as pokies or slots or board games. A payout percentage is an important aspect of any online casino Australia or gaming site. This can be described as the opposite of the benefits of home. This means the amount you are likely to receive from the online site as a percentage of the remaining domestic content. The lower the house value for the game, the higher the payout percentage. For example, if the advantage of the house is 5%, the repayment level is 95%.

Which RTP is low?

Low RTP is the lowest percentage that players should expect when choosing Australia’s best paying online pokies. The games have a payout range of 80% to 99.9%. However, pokies tend to have a higher rate, so a short payout rate can be considered 90%. If you find that playing pokies is lower, avoid it. Table games have a lower rate, but it depends on the casino and its offer.

Which RTP is high?

High RTP is one of the most amazing offers that online sites provide to their bettors. High RTP is the highest payout online casino of a particular game. Although a rare occurrence, some games have an RTP certification of over 98%. These game genres should be at the top of your favorites list, as you are more likely to win at this casino. Make it a common practice to play with high RTP.

Payouts in the casino are controlled by certified bodies, which regulate and control the fees for the games to ensure an honest result, a pleasant, interesting game, and good quality of the game. One of the offices is eCOGRA. The Regulatory Authority provides payment rates for each wrestling ground in Australia. Other regulatory agencies include GLI, Gaming Associates, and BMM Testlabs. Everything is aimed at ensuring a fair chance for players to win.

Regulators like eCOGRA have been around for a long time. Their primary responsibility is to evaluate, supervise and evaluate the game quality and payment rates for online casinos. ECOGRA sets the testing standards that each race must pass before it can be certified. It encourages players to play in a reputable casino for real money.