Savings Calculator

Benchmark your Credit Card Processing Fees ... and take control of your Merchant Account!

How do your processing fees stack up? Are you overpaying? Or are you a MERCHANT ACCOUNT MASTER?

Who Should Use the Calculator:

  • Businesses that Accept Credit Card Payments
  • Credit Card Volume Between $150k – $100mm+ Per Month

How the Rate Calculator Works:

  • Instant Benchmark Report Sent to Your Inbox
  • Graded by Industry
  • Includes Estimated Savings Opportunity

How High Should Your Merchant Fees Be?

  • It’s Different for Every Industry
  • We See Effective Rates as Low as 1.2% … and as High as 8% (Yikes!)
  • On Average, Your Credit Card Processing Fees Can Be Reduced 25-35%, Regardless of Your Current Effective Rate or Processor
  • It Is Not Uncommon for Our Larger Clients to Achieve Over $1 Million in Annual Savings

Savings Calculator

The Verisave Method

Verisave works directly with your processor and the issuing banks to bring fee spend back to your pocket. We’re a merchant account audit firm and merchant advocate.

  • You can KEEP your current processor
  • We will lower your INTERCHANGE Fees
  • We are AmEx specialists
  • You will have full transparency on your merchant account
  • We do not charge up front fees or retainers
  • We ONLY get paid if we put savings on your bottom line

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