What to Expect

Reduce your credit card processing fees WITHOUT changing processors.

Zero expense, zero disruption, and zero risk.

How much money will Verisave return to your bottom line?

  • Most businesses realize a 25-35% reduction in credit card processing fees
  • It is not uncommon to find several $million for large accounts


What is the process?

  1. Client sends a recent merchant account statement to Verisave
  2. Verisave’s audit team analyzes the client’s fees for errors and overcharging
  3. Within 2-3 days, Verisave shares a Report Card (detailing the analysis results) with the client
  4. Verisave presents options to correct any and all erroneous fees
  5. Client and Verisave sign a working agreement
  6. In most cases, the client retains its existing merchant account and processor relationship
  7. Implementation: within 4-6 weeks, Verisave fully implements account adjustments on the client’s behalf (we do all of the work)
  8. Savings report: every month, the client receives a clear and precise report detailing all savings
  9. Payment: Verisave gets paid a portion of the proven savings AFTER they have been returned to the client’s bottom line … there are no other fees involved in the service

Verisave Does All of the Work

What do you have to do?

  • Client involvement is typically less than 2 hours throughout the engagement
  • The fist step is to send a merchant account statement to Verisave
  • Verisave does all of the heavy lifting
  • Verisave will work directly with your processor and the banks

< 2 Hours