Q: Is Verisave a credit card processor?

A: No. Verisave is an independent cost-reduction firm specializing in credit card processing fees.

Q: How can Verisave reduce my merchant processing fees?

A: We will conduct a comprehensive audit of your merchant statements to identify excess fees and processing inefficiencies. We will then work to eliminate and reduce excess fees and optimize processes to ensure remaining fees are as low as possible.

Q: How long will a merchant account analysis take?

A: 3-5 business days.

Q: How are the savings measured?

A: Once we have completed an audit of your merchant statements we will establish baseline rates to illustrate the current fee structure. After implementation of the savings strategies recommended by Versiave, we will then compare the baseline rates to the newly adjusted rates to determine the saving.

Q: Who do you bill for your services?

A: Our fee is paid by the customer AFTER the savings are confirmed each month.

Q: How much savings will the cost-reduction process yield?

A: On average our customers enjoy a savings of 10-30% on their credit card processing fees.

Q: How is Verisave compensated?

A: We share a percentage of the measurable savings you realize, and only after you receive them.

Q: Can we work with Verisave while maintaining existing relationships with our current bank and merchant processor?

A: Yes. You do not need to switch banks or merchant processors. We will identify and implement savings while working with your current bank and merchant processor. If you would prefer to make a change, we would be happy to advise you in the process.

Q: What can Verisave do for me that my merchant processor is not doing?

A: Save you money. The answer comes down to incentives and knowledge. Merchant processors are not incentivized to optimize your payment processing which may have the effect of reducing their profits. They may also be unaware of savings opportunities. Verisave’s compensation is based solely upon a percentage of your realized savings so we are incentivized to save you as much as possible. We also have extensive industry knowledge in areas many processors do not.