Ask The Experts: Is It Possible To Lower My Credit Card Processing Fees?

Many businesses simply accept their credit card processing fees with no attempt to lower the cost. While credit card processing fees are a part of running an effective business nowadays, our savings experts are here to tell companies that they don’t have to simply accept their current credit card processing fees as-is.

Companies Can Lower Credit Card Processing Fees

To lower your credit card processing fees, it takes an incredible amount of time to understand the industry and all of the players involved in processing a single credit card payment. The order in which you take steps to lower your monthly fees can play an integral part of maximizing your savings. Verisave uses specific strategies based on your current processing system to save business owners an average of 25% to 35% in merchant account fees.

Merchant Account Savings Must Be Approached From Multiple Angles

Verisave is able to find greater savings for our clients because of our approach. Combined with the savings techniques our experts share publicly, Verisave also:

  • Uses industry benchmark data to compare your company’s current rates
  • Has established relationships with all credit card issuers, processors, and payment gateways
  • Uses our in-depth knowledge of interchange rates to achieve better rates for your company

Start Lowering Your Company’s Credit Card Processing Fees

If your company is interested in lowering their credit card processing fees, start today. Submit your company’s most recent merchant statement for Verisave to conduct a saving analysis. This free analysis can usually be ready within 2-3 days after you submit your statements.

If your company chooses to move forward with Verisave, our experts start implementing the identified savings immediately so your company can start enjoying lower credit card processing fees. Reach out today to start your company on the road to greater savings.

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