Verisave Merchant Services Review: TrustCommerce

TrustCommerce for Credit Card Payment Processing

TrustCommerce is a well-known and well-liked payment gateway provider that has been in operation since 2000. At Verisave, we have worked with TrustCommerce often on behalf of our clients to save money on their merchant fees, including fees for gateway services. You can obtain their services through a number of third-party providers and they work with many merchant account providers including well-established companies such as TSYS, Chase Paymentech, and First Data.

TrustCommerce offers payment gateway services for all merchants, with or without an eCommerce option. Business owners can accept debit, credit, cash, and check payments in person, over the phone, or through a website. They have a great security feature to protect private customer information and to prevent theft or fraudulent transactions.

Signing up with TrustCommerce could easily result in high start-up fees, high early termination fees, and higher rates altogether if you are unfamiliar with the credit card processing industry. It helps to have a team of credit card processing consultants like Verisave to help you control costs with TrustCommerce. Speak with one of our merchant account experts to see if you could be saving more on your overall merchant fees.

Products & Services Offered

When it comes to credit card payment processing, TrustCommerce offers the following tools and services:

TRUSTCOMMERCE POS TERMINALS: TrustCommerce partners with Verifone and Ingenico to offer POS terminals to their customers. Merchants can also use EMV compliant models to offer more secure payment options.

TRUSTCOMMERCE PAYMENT GATEWAY: TC Integrated Payment Application (IPA) is the TrustCommerce payment gateway service.

TRUSTCOMMERCE MOBILE PAYMENTS: TrustCommerce uses SSL encrypted software (the PayWithIt app) to turn any mobile device (Android and iOS) into a mobile POS station. They offer a free 30 day trial for this tool.

TRUSTCOMMERCE VIRTUAL TERMINALS: TC Vault allows merchants to turn any computer or smart device into an encrypted POS terminal that can accept all payments (credit, debit, and ACH/eChecks). TC Vault also provides the ability to upload batches, compile reports, create custom fields, and set permission restrictions for different users.

TRUSTCOMMERCE eCOMMERCE SOLUTIONS: TrustCommerce can be paired with many online shopping carts including Shopify.


  • Integrated Payment Application. This tool allows you to centralize payments, compliance, and EMV requirements. It helps to prevent data theft with encryption and other security measures.
  • TC SMART Products. These products include TC Citadel (secure billing), TC Vault (secure virtual terminal), TC Trustee (secure integrated eCommerce software), TC Payment Portal (secure customer payment management), and consolidated reporting tools. All of these tools are encrypted for securing sensitive merchant and customer data.
  • TC Safe. TrustCommerce uses PCI compliant encryption to protect customer data when purchases are made through their POS devices.

Besides tools for credit card payment processing, TrustCommerce also provides useful business management tools such as:

TRUSTCOMMERCE REPORTING TOOLS: These tools allow merchants to create customized reports, view daily trends and metrics, and decline reports for simpler reconciliation.

  • Summary Reports
  • Chain Reports
  • Detail Reports
  • Transaction Detail Reports
  • Bank Settlement Reports

Having worked with hundreds of companies processing credit payments every day, we can apply our proven savings strategies to your merchant account. Working with Verisave is all the customization you will need for setting up your merchant accounts, even when it comes to choosing a gateway provider like TrustCommerce. If TrustCommerce is not the best option for your business, we will tell you who is. Give us a call before making long-term commitments to any credit card payment processor, gateway, or merchant account provider and Verisave will help you save on your overall merchant account fees.

TrustCommerce UI/System Integration

As a payment gateway provider, TrustCommerce works with many partners to make system integration simpler. Their services are supported by well known merchant account providers like First Data and TSYS. Since they offer POS systems from Ingenico and Verifone, merchants can often use TrustCommerce services without having to replace their existing POS systems. While TrustCommerce is a trusted gateway provider and used by many merchants across the United States, onboarding a new gateway provider should be done with care.

If you are considering switching to TrustCommerce as your credit card payment gateway provider, speak with the merchant account experts at Verisave. We can help you to lower your overall merchant account fees and see significant savings in the long run.

How Much Will You Be Paying For TrustCommerce Services?

TrustCommerce does not disclose their pricing online. Using TrustCommerce, merchants can expect to pay a start-up fee, a monthly gateway fee which averages $20-$25 a month, and a small fee per transaction.

For more detailed pricing information, you will need to speak with a sales rep. Keep in mind that their pricing will be different for every merchant based on multiple factors:

  • Your specific industry
  • Length of time in business
  • Your average monthly credit card processing volume
  • Processing history
  • Your desired tools and package customizations
  • Your credit card industry knowledge and ability to negotiate fair terms

Having worked with TrustCommerce through many of our clients, Verisave has developed proprietary benchmark data that allows access to more savings opportunities. We can help you save money on your overall merchant account fees with TrustCommerce regardless if you are just starting with them or if you have been with them for a long time.

Verisave customers achieve an average savings of 25%-35% in overall credit card processing fees with an audit from Verisave. If you are interested in Canceling Gateway Services, Implementing/Restructuring with TrustCommerce, or Trying to Achieve Savings with TrustCommerce, then speak with a Verisave merchant service expert.

Consider The Contract Length

TrustCommerce does not require a long-term contract and therefore no early termination fee for closing an account. However, if you are obtaining TrustCommerce services bundled with merchant account services, the terms for the merchant account may differ from the gateway and could result in long- term contracts with an auto renewal clause and an early termination fee. These are important details to know before making a commitment to merchant account services.

Avoid frustrating occurrences due to a misunderstanding concerning these contractual agreements by using Verisave’s merchant account experts to set up your merchant accounts, gateway, and payment processor. Our auditors can help you to map out the best route for your merchant account expenses, saving you money each month on merchant account fees.

TrustCommerce Sales and Customer Service Reps

TrustCommerce offers a wealth of information concerning their services and products on their website. However much of the reading is marketing jargon. More detailed information can be obtained through their sales reps over the phone or by visiting their “Resources” page online. This page offers more technical information about their payment processing and business management/reporting tools.

TrustCommerce does offer a free 30 day trial for their services. Not many gateway providers do this.

Technical support is available by phone. TrustCommerce also provides a library of resources on their website for troubleshooting. Videos are also available to help understand products and services.


TrustCommerce for Credit Card Payment Processing

TrustCommerce is a reliable payment gateway provider that works with any US based merchant account provider. Because they are easily integrated into most sales platforms, they work well with most companies, large and small.

We work with many businesses using TrustCommerce as their gateway provider. Verisave merchant account experts are well versed in their products and services, typical rates across specific industries, common contract practices, and more. Working with Verisave will help you to avoid the common frustrations that merchants have expressed in the past. With Verisave, you can expect transparent, measurable savings on overall merchant fees from TrustCommerce.

Stay two steps ahead of the enrollment process with a team of merchant account auditors on your side when enrolling in merchant services with TrustCommerce. With Verisave’s proprietary benchmark data on TrustCommerce, you gain access to factual savings results that can be applied to your merchant account.

If you are currently using TrustCommerce as your credit card processing company, you can still save money by working with Verisave. Submit your most recent merchant account statement and we will determine whether or not you could benefit from our services after performing a free audit of your account statement.

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