Verisave Merchant Services Review: ShopKeep

ShopKeep for Credit Card Payment Processing

ShopKeep offers a user-friendly iPad POS system that retailers, food and beverage vendors, and services providers alike will find useful. They gear specifically toward the small to mid-sized business. Their software works specifically with iOS 10.8 and higher.

Once a flat rate pricing model, ShopKeep now offers a quote system. Pricing info can be determined by speaking with a ShopKeep sales rep. Their software and hardware systems for credit card payment processing are great for small business’. ShopKeep has a unique feature that implements cloud-based and locally installed software. Via the iPad POS, the app runs without wifi and syncs data to the cloud any time there is an internet connection.

While in-person transactions can be made with ShopKeep, they now offer eCommerce tools since pairing with BigCommerce.

If you are currently working with ShopKeep or considering signing up with ShopKeep, speak with merchant account experts at Verisave. We have worked with ShopKeep on behalf of our clients in many industries and can help you to navigate the negotiation process to acquire the lowest rates using their most efficient tools, pricing plans, processing rates, and more.

Products & Services Offered

ShopKeep’s credit card processing tools work with iPad and iPad mini devices operating with iOS 10.8 and higher. Android is not an option with this payment platform.

Shopkeep Products

Concerning credit card payment processing, ShopKeep offers the following service:

SHOPKEEP PAYMENTS: ShopKeep’s credit card payment processing service.

SHOPKEEP REGISTER: With ShopKeep’s POS app, retailers can achieve so much including ringing up items, splitting tenders, adding modifiers, quick discounting, taking payments, easy returns and refunds. The ShopKeep POS system allows merchants to process payments every way possible:

  • Cash
  • Debit card transactions
  • Credit card transactions
  • Card-not-present transactions
  • Checks
  • eCommerce Payments

Within The Shopkeep POS System, Merchants Also Have Access To Many Business Management Tools:

  • ShopKeep Backoffice
  • ShopKeep Inventory Management
  • ShopKeep Reporting
  • ShopKeep Tax Rates
  • ShopKeep Multi-Store
  • ShopKeep Pocket App
  • ShopKeep Customer Management

UI/System Integration

ShopKeep offers a user-friendly operating system. Remaining true to the iOS operating systems of Apple devices, the payment platform is easy to navigate and very intuitive. Set up is easy and self-explanatory as the program walks you through the installment process. While setting up your system, the app also offers a guided tour of basic features.

All of your reporting, inventory receiving, and employee time tracking are done on the web platform while most of your interactions are with the iPad app.

How Much Will You Be Paying For ShopKeep Services?

ShopKeep started by offering a fixed rate price for their services but has recently switched to a quote system, requiring the user to call for more detailed pricing information. Pricing will vary based on a number of business specifics.

ShopKeep’s fees for services vary for merchants based on multiple factors:
Business size
Monthly credit card processing volume
Use of Sage’s cloud-based business management tools
Type of industry

To get the most out of ShopKeep services, Verisave can compare your initial quote or current plan from ShopKeep against our benchmark data. This proprietary data is comprised of over 500 companies’ credit card processing data, giving you a clearer understanding of the plan and pricing offered to you by ShopKeep and whether or not you can expect better pricing or better service options from another company.

Consider Your Desired Contract Length

With ShopKeep, you pay as you go. There are no required contracts and billing is offered on a month to month basis. You can discuss with a sales rep the option of long term contracts which may result in better rates for services, but this is not a requirement.

Considering early termination or merchant services restructuring? These are two more excellent services we can provide to merchants looking to lower their credit card processing fees. Contact Verisave to learn more about the ways we save our clients an average of 25%-35% in merchant fees.

Speaking With ShopKeep Sales and Customer Service Reps

Researching ShopKeep Services – ShopKeep shares a lot of information about their services directly on their website. However, pricing information is only obtained by speaking with a sales rep. We have found that the sales reps at ShopKeep are open about pricing information and easy to work with.

Contacting Customer Support – ShopKeep offers lots of avenues for customer support. These include traditional methods such as online chat features, email, and phone lines. You can also pay for private training to use their systems.

Verisave Merchant Services Review

ShopKeep for Credit Card Payment Processing

Our team of auditors has worked with a number of clients using ShopKeep and their credit card payment processing services. We have become very familiar with the services they offer, as well as their fees and payment structures for credit card processing.

Using a merchant account auditing firm like Verisave can give you a leg up on selecting POS systems, payment platforms, payment processors and more. We offer valuable backend knowledge of their sales practices and average rates other customers have achieved. After speaking with a sales rep at ShopKeep to see what rates they offer you for their services, contact Verisave to see what more we can do to help you achieve the lowest rates and pricing possible for credit card processing with ShopKeep.

If ShopKeep is not the best fit for your business, we can point you in a better direction. Verisave has worked with over 500 companies to reduce their merchant services fees and credit card processing rates. Our extensive knowledge gained by working with processing and merchant services companies like ShopKeep (and many more) is the advantage your business needs to maximize their bottom line.

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