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Don’t Just Accept High Merchant Fees

Your company could be losing thousands of dollars each month due to high credit card processing fees. Stop overpaying and see how much unnecessary spending you can cut when Verisave reduces your merchant account fees.

One medical device company engaged us when they could no longer see ways to reduce the high cost of their merchant accounts on their own. This business had a reasonable credit card processing fee of 2.85%, but we were able to identify and eliminate other fees pertaining to their merchant account. This gave way to a savings of nearly 30% each month.

Why Verisave & How The Audit Works

Verisave Experts Help Companies Save Money

At Verisave, our team of merchant account savings experts will help you maximize your potential savings. From handling credit card fees to merchant account audits, Verisave will help you dramatically reduce your merchant account fees and improve your bottom line.

Once our research is complete, we will formulate a report for you to review. This consulting process is completely free and will be completed in 2-3 days.

Companies Benefit From Working With Verisave

By performing internal merchant account audits, businesses can typically save themselves 3%-5% in monthly merchant fees. This is after accounting has scrutinously combed over merchant account statements, spoken with processors, and even changed processors to obtain lower rates. Verisave’s merchant account analysts – time proven auditing experts – can increase your savings from 3%-5% to 25%-35% on average, without the hassle of changing processors.

Switching processors to see a significant cost reduction is painful and unnecessary. Continue working with your current processor while implementing our services for seamless savings in monthly fees. We will identify unnecessary charges and lower your rate to instantly decrease company spending.

Once we have reviewed merchant account statements, we can review them with you to help you understand your savings plan. Should you decide to work with Verisave, you will have access to all of our cost-cutting intell.

How You Benefit

5 Reasons To Use Verisave’s Merchant Account Services

By working with a qualified auditing firm, companies can be assured their merchant account fees will be closely monitored. Additional benefits of working with Verisave include the following

  • Verisave offers more than just merchant account services consulting. Once we are a member of your team, we will find ways to cut cost and increase savings.
  • There is zero risk when working with Verisave. If you don’t save money, we don’t make money.
  • How Verisave Reduces Merchant Account Fees

    Our clients see dramatic spending reductions after only a few simple steps:

    1. Send Us Your Merchant Account Statement – To start the merchant account audit, all you need to do is send us a copy of your latest merchant account statement.
    2. We will Send You a Free, No-Risk Analysis – Our merchant account auditing experts will analyze your merchant account statement for free. We will determine how much your business is overspending, how we can help you cut costs, and then provide you with a report in 2-3 days.
    3. Choose To Partner With Verisave – Verisave will present you with multiple solutions for reducing merchant account fees. At this point, we can create working agreements for future partnerships and continued savings. Our clients save an average of 25%-35% on their merchant account fees.
    4. Businesses can reduce merchant account fees and unnecessary spending easily by using Verisave – merchant account auditing experts.

    To get started we need you to provide us with only one thing:

    Recent copy of Visa, Matercard, or American Express Statement
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