Reduce Merchant Account Fees

Work with external merchant savings experts to reduce your merchant account fees.

Don’t Just Accept High Merchant Fees

Your company could be losing thousands of dollars each month due to high credit card processing fees. Stop overpaying and see how much unnecessary spending you can cut when Verisave reduces your merchant account fees.

Verisave Experts Help Companies Save Money

At Verisave, our team of merchant account savings experts will help you maximize your potential savings. From handling credit card fees to merchant account audits, Verisave will help you dramatically reduce your merchant account fees and improve your bottom line.

One medical device company engaged us when they could no longer see ways to reduce the high cost of their merchant accounts on their own. This business had a reasonable credit card processing fee of 2.85%, but we were able to identify and eliminate other fees pertaining to their merchant account. This gave way to a savings of nearly 30% each month.

Companies Benefit From Working With Verisave

By working with a qualified auditing firm, companies can be assured their merchant account fees will be closely monitored. Additional benefits of working with Verisave include the following:

  • You will be provided with a savings analysis prior to entering into an agreement.
  • We are often able to secure credit card network interchange rate reductions for our private clientele.
  • Companies will not be required to change their current processor. If you are approached by an auditing firm that asks you to do so, this should be a red flag. Auditing firms that ask you to change processors likely have relationships with specific processors that allow a kick back or some type of benefit for referring them. Unless there is an inherent problem with your existing processor, we seek to avoid this complication all-together by working with your current processor.
  • Not only does Verisave specialize in reducing merchant account fees, but we offer a wide range of ways businesses can cut costs across the board. We will monitor your timely account payments and look for potential trends of late fees and other human errors that often lead to costly penalties. Our experience working with businesses in various industries gives us a variety of strategies with which we can reduce spending across the board.

Why Verisave & How The Audit Works

Can You Answer The Following Questions?

  • How much profit does my merchant processor make on my account?
  • What fees do I have control over?
  • Am I paying too much in credit card processing fees?
  • Are my fees in line with my competitors?
  • Are savings available to me that I am not aware of?
  • Can my American Express fees be reduced?
  • How do I reduced my fees without switching processors?

Most businesses are unable to answer the questions above which usually means they are paying too much. Using our staff of highly trained credit card processing industry experts, Verisave will provide answers to these questions and help you save money right away. We can even help you implement these savings WITHOUT switching processors.

How the Audit Works.

1. Provide Statement

Send copies of your merchant
statements to Verisave.

2. Receive Free Savings Analysis

Verisave will provide you with
a detailed Savings Analysis.

3. You Save Money

Verisave will implement
the savings for you.

How You Benefit

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • Audit results in 2-3 days
  • Average savings of 25%
  • Lower your overall fees to around 2%
  • Fast and Efficient implementation
  • 90% implementation success rate
  • No switching processors

To get started we need you to provide us with only one thing:

Recent Copy of your credit card merchant statement
Submit statement Now!

Need More Proof We Can Save You Money?

What Our Clients Are Saying

Jacque Fanning – Mary Lanning Healthcare – Hastings, NE

Prior to learning about Verisave, we engaged with another audit company that created a minimal savings to our merchant account. Once that agreement was complete, we brought in Verisave and they successfully implemented a savings significantly greater than what the previous company had found. Verisave’s experience and knowledge allowed this savings to be implemented without any disruption to our credit card processing, guiding us through the entire process. I would highly recommend Verisave to any company looking to reduce their credit card processing fees.

Jacque Fanning - Mary Lanning Healthcare - Hastings, NE

Some of Our Great Clients

Industries Served: Banks, Healthcare, Logistics, Government, Grocery, Retail, Manufacuring, and more…

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