For Private Equity Groups

Save Millions in Credit Card Processing Fees for your Portfolio Companies

Verisave works directly with the processor and the issuing banks to reduce credit card processing fees by 25-35% for your portfolio companies — without disrupting any existing business processes or systems. 

We’re a merchant account audit firm and merchant advocate.

  • Your companies will KEEP their current processors (non-disruptive)
  • We will lower their INTERCHANGE and other PROCESSING Fees
  • Average savings of 25-35%
  • We are AmEx specialists
  • They will have full transparency on their merchant account
  • We do not charge up front fees or retainers
  • We ONLY get paid if we put savings on their bottom lines
  • It’s easy to start: we just need a recent merchant statement and will complete a free, no-obligation analysis to identify any savings opportunity

Case Study:

Berkshire Partners increases portfolio value by $6mm

Executive Summary

Leveraging Verisave’s benchmark data and industry expertise, we were able to implement a variety of savings strategies to have a significant positive impact on Berkshire’s portfolio.

All savings were implemented with a short window of time and did not require any disruption to daily tasks or business processes. In all cases, the portfolio companies chose to remain with their existing processor. 

Project Overview

  • To-date have worked with four separate portfolio companies owned by Berkshire
  • Identified incorrect setup parameters within the merchant account of an industrial supply company
  • Implemented savings strategies related to Interchange for large business services company under this private equity group
  • Discovered current processor was not charging the agreed-upon rates  (a 300% increase) for a dental group, and worked to correct this error
  • Berkshire’s involvement was minimal: they simply identified portfolio companies that had a significant volume of credit card processing, and introduced us to the company CFOs
  • Total savings across portfolio equate to $6mm improvement to Berkshire portfolio value

Some of Our Private Equity Clients

How it Works

Just provide an introduction.

Are any of your portfolio companies processing over $75k per month in credit card volume? 

Perfect. We can help. The more they process, the more we can bring back to their bottom line.

Get started by introducing us to the controller or CFO at the portfolio company.

It doesn’t require any more of your time than that … and it doesn’t require much time from the CFO/controller either.

We will analyze one of their recent merchant account statements, and report back with the savings opportunity and proposed plan of attack.

We do all of the heavy lifting.

Starting the Conversation