Verisave Partner Program

Save Money for Your Client Beyond Taxes

Reduce Their Fees by 30%

Verisave is an independent merchant cost consultant. Not a processor.

We specialize in securing refunds and fee reductions related to credit card processing fees.

We work with your client’s existing processor and the issuing banks to bring money back to their pockets.

  • We will pursue REFUND opportunities
  • Your client can KEEP their current processor
  • We will lower their INTERCHANGE Fees
  • We are AMEX specialists
  • Your client will have full transparency on their merchant account
  • We do not charge up front fees or retainers
  • We ONLY get paid if we put savings on your client’s bottom line

Do You Have a Specific Client in Mind Already?

Let us know the company name and we’ll do some initial research to let you know if they look like a good fit.

We do not need contact information and will not reach out to them directly. 

If they do seem like a good fit, we would love a warm introduction at your discretion.

No Savings | No Fees

Why Verisave Partner Program for Accountants?

This program is exclusively designed for CPAs, Accountants, Tax Professionals, and Enrolled Agents in Practice.


A white-labeled program. You offer credit card processing fee audits and reduction services, and Verisave is your silent fulfillment partner on these services.


Refer clients to Verisave for credit card processing fee audits and earn a revenue-share.

$100 Up Front Finders Fee for any Client Who Submits a Statement

20% Revenue Share for 1st 12 Months

300+ Accounting Firms Partnered with Verisave

$1800/mo Average Payout for Verisave Partners

Clients Served
$ 0 Million
0 +
Years of Experience


3 Simple Steps to Reduce Fees by 25-35%

Download the Partner eBook

Receive our free guide on Merchant Account Cost Recovery for your business clients 

  • How to qualify the ideal client for cost recovery services
  • How to gather the proper information
  • How to engage with an independent audit firm

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Referral Partner Case Study: $2000 per Month in Referral Fee Earnings

A NY Based CPA Firm Helps Restaurants and Retail Clients Reduce Costs

Client Profile:

The partner is a CPA firm based in New York with over 30 years of experience in the industry. They serve a broad range of business clients, the majority of which come from the restaurant and retail industries. Many of their clients user credit cards for payment purposes. 


Verisave implemented performed hassle free audits of the partner’s client’s merchant statements, recommending and implementing impactful savings tactics and cost recovery.



  • Average 25% Reduction on Processing Fees
  • 300+ Happy Clients
  • Earns $2000/mo in Referral Fees

Client Case Study: a $26k Refund on American Express Processing Fees

How Identifying an Obscure Error Lead to a Sizable Refund

Client Profile:

The Client referenced in this Case Study is a Dallas-Based Law Firm with over 40 years experience in a broad spectrum of legal expertise.

Many of this Client’s clients pay by credit card. 

They were referred to Verisave in February, 2019, by one of their consultants who recommended a merchant account audit.



Verisave was able to identify ongoing savings for the Client, as well as an obscure fee error that entitled the Client to a $26k refund on their AmEx processing fees.



American Express Refund:

  • One-time refund of $26,000 secured from AmEx
  • Client Received $13,000
  • Referral Partner Received $2600

Ongoing Merchant Account Savings:

  • 37% Reduction in Processing Fees
  • $5500 Monthly Savings Implemented
  • Referral Partner Receives $1100 Per Month ($13,200 Total for this Referral)
That’s $15,800 simply for introducing Verisave to this client.