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Submit a copy of your recent merchant account statement today and we will return to you a detailed summary of where you are overspending on merchant services – for free. As a part of your team, we will help you reduce your monthly merchant account fees and cut costs across the board. We will earn a seat at your table before asking you to commit to our services.

By working with professional merchant account auditors at Verisave, businesses on average can save an impressive 25%-35% in monthly merchant account fees. We provide a free merchant account services statement analysis because we are confident in our fee-reducing abilities.

Why Verisave & How The Audit Works

Verisave Analysts Can Save You $$$ on Merchant Processing

Miscellaneous fees and random charges are scattered throughout every merchant account statement. But what do they all mean and where are they going? Verisave analysts carefully examine each merchant account statement we receive. Because we spend large amounts of time monitoring merchant account activity, we know exactly which fees can be eliminated and which fees can be negotiated.

  • Can your current accounting staff locate “junk fees” added to your statement by processors?
  • Are you aware of PCI Compliance and the savings you can achieve with such compliance?
  • Has your company sent out a RFP to credit card processors to ensure they are getting the lowest possible rates?

It is common for accounting departments to overlook simple fee reductions they can make to their merchant accounts. Left to their own devices, they can typically achieve a 3%-5% savings on merchant account fees. But when they hire the professional auditors at Verisave, we can increase the percentage of savings to nearly 25%-35% each month.

Our Clients Are Used To Seeing Regular Savings Each Month

One of our clients in the healthcare industry had been dealing with over 3% credit card processing fees for years. This company processes a large volume of credit card transactions which equated to significant merchant processing fees.

Verisave was able to help them eliminate 35% of their monthly fees and lower this healthcare company’s credit card processing rate to 1.94%.

How You Benefit

Get Your Free Merchant Account Statement Analysis Today

By eliminating fees for your initial analysis, companies can see our positive and significant impact in savings before choosing to work with us. This act of good faith has allowed us to work with prominent clients.

We offer our initial consultation as a free service and are extremely confident in our ability to pinpoint significant savings potential in company merchant account statements. By providing a free analysis, our business partners are reassured that we take their savings as seriously as they do.

Once a company reviews their merchant statement analysis and decides to work with us, they don’t have to break out their checkbook. Verisave is determined to save your company money, not become another expense. Instead, all we ask is to share a percentage of the savings we capture for you. With our compensation directly tied to your business’ savings, we have extra incentive to find all the areas we can trim your company’s merchant account fees.

Start your free merchant account services statement analysis today by sending Verisave your merchant account statement to see how much unnecessary spending we can cut from your budget.

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