Lower Merchant Fees by Working With Auditing Experts

Your fees, as a business that accepts credit card payments, end up costing you thousands of dollars each month. Without the necessary time it takes to learn and understand the credit card processing industry, there isn’t much you can do to avoid these fees. Credit card processing fees and convoluted statements become just another part of doing business. But did you know that by working with auditing experts at Verisave you can dramatically lower your merchant fees?

Verisave Works With Merchants To Significantly Lower Their Monthly Fees

When you have Verisave on your team, you win. On average, we save our clients 25% to 35% in monthly merchant account fees.

  • We will find a significant savings without asking you to switch processors.
  • The savings we locate are both measurable and transparent to your company.
  • Every dollar identified in savings is traced back to your current merchant statement and is a savings dollar not realized today.
  • You remain in complete control of achieving the savings.
  • Verisave is only compensated if the savings are achieved.
  • Together we are motivated by the savings.

Contact Verisave For A Free Statement Analysis

By sending Verisave a copy of your most recent merchant account statement, you’ll receive a report in 2-3 days detailing the potential in savings that we have located for your company. This is at absolutely no cost and no risk to you. Our auditing experts will comb through your statement, line by line, to locate savings opportunities.

Our benchmark data allows us to compare your processing fees and transaction rates to current industry standards and implement dependable cost-savings strategies that we’ve developed, and locate savings opportunities across the board. If you’re ready to add an invaluable group of auditing experts to your finance team, contact us today so we can get started on your free merchant account analysis.

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