Getting Started

Welcome to Verisave!

We're excited to implement your savings - and possibly secure refunds on your behalf.

Next Steps:

Sign the Working Agreement: 

This protects your confidential information and our proprietary configurations, custom discounts, and market benchmark data. Verisave will then initiate a Deep Dive Analysis.

Attend Roadmap Meeting: 

During this meeting we will go over all savings amounts and you will have the opportunity to review and accept the implementation strategies we propose.

Implementation Begins:

The Verisave Team will take it from here. We do all of the heavy lifting.

Executive Summary

If you’re reading this page, our audit team has found significant opportunities to reduce your credit card processing fees. Here’s how we do it:

  • All implementation is handled by Verisave
  • Most of it takes place on the back end – we can do this without making changes to your processor, bank, ERP, or other existing systems
  • You have the opportunity to review and accept all savings amounts and implementation strategies
  • We pursue complex optimizations within Interchange and AmEx
  • Many of our strategies involve proprietary configurations, custom discounts, and market benchmarking data, which necessitate a Working Agreement
  • Terms: Verisave has no upfront or incidental fees. We get paid by gain share only (on contingency), keeping a portion of the proven monthly savings for a limited period of time as defined in the Working Agreement 

Working Agreement Summary Points

Section 1 – Baseline Rate

Verisave will establish the “baseline rate” and use that each month to explain the savings to you in a detailed report.

Section 2 – Client Cooperation

We do the work creating the savings and your Company will provide us with copies of monthly merchant statements.

Section 3 – Compensation

We will split the savings 50/50 for 24 months and we will be paid monthly.  You agree that our knowledge brought these savings opportunities to light.

Section 6 – Confidentiality 

We’ll keep your information strictly private and confidential.  You agree to keep our processes & strategies strictly private and confidential.

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