How Kroger Fought (and Won) Against Visa to Lower Credit Card Merchant Fees


In 2019, Smith’s Food and Drug stores (part of the Kroger grocery empire) stopped accepting Visa Credit Cards as a payment method, citing high credit card processing fees. 

This ban made big waves in the retail merchant account world, and signaled Kroger’s intention to negotiate a reduction in Visa’s portion of those processing fees.

In 2020, after a long standoff, Visa credit cards have finally returned as a payment option for Smith’s/Kroger customers.

Does this mean the negotiations worked in Kroger’s favor?

Here is an overview of the situation.

What Drove Kroger’s Decision to Ban Visa Credit Cards?

Put simply: a heightened cost of doing business was at the root of Kroger’s ban. 

Grocery stores tend to have razor thin margins in order to remain competitive. Increased merchant account costs, such as credit card processing fees, inherently drive the grocery prices up.

Visa credit cards are involved in over 70%, on average, of consumer credit card transactions. A merchant (such as a Smith’s/Kroger grocery store) must pay a processing fee whenever a customer uses a credit card.

And while Mastercard, American Express, and Discover all entail similar processing fees, Visa’s majority market share means the vast bulk of a Kroger’s credit card processing fees come from Visa transactions.

Kroger’s decision to stop accepting Visa was a strategic one aimed at mitigating these fees, so as to maintain margin and remain competitive.

But Kroger’s goal was never to ban Visa long-term.

Kroger’s goal was to force Visa to the negotiating table, and achieve a reduction in their processing fees.

Was this a Good Idea?

This is a risky move for any merchant. 

Many Visa credit card holders might not be willing to use a different form of payment, or may not have access to an alternative. These customers might have been motivated to shop elsewhere during the ban.

It had the potential of being a customer-relations nightmare. 

Did the ban put a significant dent in grocery sales? Only Kroger knows for sure.

For most merchants, this would NOT be the recommended course of action.

It is rare for a retailer, or any business, to ban Visa in particular. Again, a large portion of the credit card-using buying public is comprised of Visa credit card users…many of whom make purchases exclusively via those credit card to take advantage of points and rewards.

Moreover, very few companies are large enough to leverage a negotiation directly with Visa. 

Clearly, Kroger was able to ignite that conversation. And, one might suppose, Kroger had thoroughly done their homework prior to instigating the ban. It is likely they knew exactly how many of their customers might be pushed toward competitors as a result.

But that doesn’t mean the ban was Kroger’s best option.

For most merchants, there are much easier ways to optimize one’s credit card processing fees.

What are Credit Card Processing Fees?

Credit Card Processing Fees are the fees paid to various entities involved in the credit card payment process.

When a customer pays with a credit card at a Smith’s Food and Drug location, Smith’s/Kroger must yield a percentage of that payment to the entities that make the transaction possible.

These fees are what allow Kroger (and all merchants) to accept the credit card payment in the first place, and are a common cost of doing business.

Can Credit Card Processing Fees be Negotiated or Reduced?

In most cases, yes they can. But first, one must understand that Visa is not the only entity involved in levying merchant account fees when a Visa card is swiped.

They only get a portion of it. And a relatively small one, at that.

So, while Kroger focused on negotiation directly with Visa, they were only able to address or reduce that portion.

Again, other entities are involved.

A merchant like Kroger has its most direct merchant account relationship with the Processor … an acquiring bank responsible for collecting the payment from the customer’s card, on the merchant’s behalf.

But the Processor isn’t in control of the entire fee structure either.

Merchants seeking to reduce fees can certainly negotiate or even change Processors, but this is often futile and time-consuming, sometimes costly, and doesn’t address the full scope of fees.

The most thorough method for reducing merchant account fees is to engage with a seasoned merchant account auditor, who will pursue and implement fee reductions with ALL involved parties.

Whether Kroger had significant room to lower their Visa-related fees is not publicly known, but their efforts were satisfactory enough to ultimately lift the Visa ban.

Who Are the Other Recipients of a Merchant’s Credit Card Processing Fees?

Visa or MasterCard (which are defined as credit card brands or “Networks”) only get a small percentage of the merchant account fees: roughly 5% of the total fee amount.

The entities involved in the merchant account fee structure are:

  • The Issuing Bank: the organization that issued the credit card to the shopper or customer
  • The Network: Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover Card
  • The Acquiring Bank: the bank that processes the payment funds on behalf of the merchant
  • The Processor: the entity that connects the merchant with the above infrastructure

And here is how the fees are typically distributed:

  • 80% to the Issuing Bank
  • 5% to the Network
  • 5% to the Acquiring Bank
  • 10% to the Processor

To put it another way, let’s suppose a merchant has a total annual credit card processing volume of $100,000,000. If the merchant’s overall effective rate (the total percentage of the credit card volume that goes toward merchant account fees) is 3%, the merchant would be paying $3,000,000 in fees. And those fees would be distributed thusly:

  • $2,400,000 – to the Issuing Bank
  • $150,000 – to Visa or MasterCard, etc.
  • $150,000 – to the Acquiring Bank
  • $300,000 – to the Processor

The largest portion, which goes to the Issuing Bank, is called the Interchange fee and is often considered to be set in stone … but this would be a misconception. It can be lowered.

As can the other fees.

Did Kroger Achieve All Available Fee Reductions?

In all likelihood, no.

It’s possible that, beyond a public standoff with Visa, Kroger also made some effort to reduce Interchange and other related fees that are outside of Visa’s purview.

However, most merchants, even large entities such as Kroger, do not have the in-house expertise needed to adjust their merchant accounts properly, in order to optimize something as complex as the Interchange fee structure.

Most likely, Kroger left this money on the table.

What Can be Done to Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees?

The difficulty lies in the complex nature of the various credit card processing fee structures, and from a deliberate lack of transparency.

First of all, not every Processor lists the fees in the same way. And some fees are combined, or mislabeled, in ways that can be confusing to the average merchant. Even identifying the fees is a challenge.

The reason for this is simple: the entities that benefit from your credit card processing fees do not want you to understand your statement. They certainly have a responsibility to be competitive within the industry, but they profit more if their fees are difficult to comprehend.

For that reason, the only truly effective way to lower merchant account fees is to engage with an experienced audit firm who will be able to quickly identify areas in which the merchant is overpaying, and who will undertake the complicated steps of optimizing the account in any way that proves impactful.

Often, and preferably, this is done without the need to change the merchant’s Credit Card Processor.

About Verisave:

Verisave is a merchant account audit firm headquartered in Salt Lake City, with 17 years experience in analyzing credit card processing statements and in implementing strategies that reduce clients’ merchant account fees by 25-35% or more, without switching processors. Verisave operates on a gain-share basis rather than on consultancy fees, and closely monitors clients’ statements after implementation.

Infographic: Credit Card Processing Fees

Where Do Your Fees Go?

When a merchant takes a credit card payment, a portion of that sale is taken in the form of merchant account fees ...

Every merchant must have a relationship with a credit card processor in order to take credit card payments.

But the processor is ONLY keeping about 5% of the fees a merchant pays.

Thus, negotiating with the processor (or switching to a new processor) is NOT the best way to reduce credit card processing fees.

Most of the savings we achieve for our clients actually come from the issuing bank …

How it Works

1. Upload Your Merchant Account Details

Send copies of your merchant statements to Verisave.

2. Review Your Free Savings Analysis

Verisave will provide you with a detailed Savings Analysis.

3. Let Verisave Implement Strategies to Save Money

Verisave will implement the savings for you.

Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees For BlueSnap Customers

BlueSnap acts as a merchant account and payment gateway provider for businesses accepting credit and debit cards as payment. They are best known for their services in eCommerce. They provide tools to merchants that allow them to easily build their shopping cart and sell products/services on the web.

Fees for small business owners are uncommonly high with BlueSnap. While they can be a suitable gateway and merchant account provider for larger businesses, we do not recommend BlueSnap for businesses processing under $2,500 per month.

BlueSnap is commonly used by midsized businesses and large corporations. They are easy to work with and highly reliable. While they may not offer an efficient payment model to smaller businesses, they are on par with competing merchant account providers in the industry when it comes to handling larger entities.

Using An Auditing Agency To Reduce BlueSnap Credit Card Processing Fees

If you’re interested in using BlueSnap as your merchant account provider and payment gateway, Verisave can help you to stay two steps ahead of the enrollment process. Our team of merchant account auditors at Verisave has developed proprietary benchmark data on BlueSnap, giving you access to unique savings strategies to help you save more on merchant account fees.

Our experience with BlueSnap has been positive. As we’ve worked with merchants who use BlueSnap as their merchant account provider, we’ve found their services to be reliable and their customer service to be very helpful. Our ease of communication with BlueSnap has allowed us to capture savings for our clients to lower their overall merchant account fees.

To save money on monthly merchant account fees, consider working with Verisave. Submit your most recent merchant account statement and we will determine whether or not you could benefit from our services after performing a free audit of your account statement.

Verisave Merchant Services Review: Talech

Talech offers a great system for accepting credit and debit card payments in any situation be it a physical store location, phone order, or online storefront. Talech’s POS software is design specifically for retailers and restaurants. While not being our top recommendation for large corporations, it’s a great tool for small to mid-sized businesses.

Talech’s developers have created a POS system that includes in-house marketing tools, advanced inventory features, and the capability to integrate with most payment processors.

Most businesses accept credit cards as a form of payment from their customers, especially in retail stores and restaurants. However, the credit card processing industry is complex and the fees for these services are often unnecessarily high. Many businesses simply accept fees associated with credit card processing as a “cost of doing business” with no attempt to understand and reduce them. Verisave helps to reduce these fees with simple strategies developed through years of practice and implementation. If you’re looking for a change in POS providers, speak with Verisave to see how much you could save by restructuring your merchant account.

Products & Services Offered by Talech

Vend and Shopify are competitors to Talech that offer a basic POS system with minimal reporting tools. On the other hand, Talech offers a simple to use POS system with a massive collection of business management tools for either restaurants or retailers. Their list of business management solutions is long and constantly being improved.

When It Comes To Processing Credit Card Payments, Talech Offers Merchants The Following Solutions:

TALECH PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE – Using Talech, merchants can accept payment from all major credit card providers (swipe, chip, and tap), debit, cash, check, eCheck, phone order, mobile, split check, gift card, etc.

TALECH HARDWARE OPTIONS – Hardware from Talech can be purchased in bundles or individually. They offer the following individual hardware options:

  • MMF Val-u Line Cash Drawer
  • APG Vasario Series Cash Drawer
  • Epson TM-L90
  • Brecknell 6710U Weight Scale
  • Socket CHS 7ci Barcode Scanner
  • Epson TM

  • Epson TM – U220B Kitchen Printer
  • Star Micronics SP700 kitchen printer
  • Star Micronics

  • Epson TM -T2011 Receipt Printer
  • Epson TM -T88V-i Receipt Printer
  • Star Micronics TSP65011 Receipt Printer
  • Star Micronics TSP143 Receipt Printer
  • Epson M30 Receipt Printer
  • Heckler WindFall

  • Heckler WindFall C iPad stand
  • Heckler WindFall iPad Pro stand
  • All-In-One Elo PayPoint
  • Simplicity: Vault iPad POS Stand
  • Poynt Smart Terminal

  • Poynt Smart Terminal Payment Device
  • Miura M10 – EMV ready Payment Device
  • Ingenico iPP 320 – EMV ready Payment Device
  • Ingenico iCMP – EMV ready Payment Device
  • Magtek iDynamo and uDynamo Payment Device
  • SumUp Air Payment Device
  • iPad Air

  • iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad (2017)
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4


Talech POS Also Offers The Following Tools And Features To Restaurant and Retailers:

  • Uber features
  • Product bundles
  • Discounts
  • Inventory management tools
  • Multiple location sync
  • Barcode label printing
  • Modifiers and variations
  • Clock-in and time sheets for employees
  • Individual employee accounts with granular permissions
  • Labor cost reporting
  • Customer analytics
  • Loyalty programs
  • Gift cards
  • Online ordering
  • Marketing campaigns

Restaurant-Specific Features Include:

  • Map out table positions
  • Track open tables
  • Submit food orders
  • Automatic gratuity
  • Split Checks

Retail-Specific Features Include:

  • Create customer profiles
  • BOGO discounts
  • Discount controls per item
  • Tax controls per item
  • Unit conversion tracking
  • House accounts

Talech UI & System Integration

Talech integrates with Xero, Sage One, and Quickbooks accounting software, Homebase labor management software, and EPSON KDS software. The interface is easy to learn considering the system offers so many tools and features. When bugs or glitches to arise, they are quickly resolved by Talech’s robust team of developers.

For merchants that are new to Talech, they offer onboarding help, a library of troubleshooting resources and a call line for customer support.

How Much Will You Be Paying For Talech?

Talech offers merchants the option to pay month-to-month or a year upfront. Paying month-to-month is slightly more expensive.

Starter – $49 (monthly payments) or $42 (one yearly payment) per month

  • 1 Device Only
  • 5 Employees
  • 100 Products
  • Products w/ variations & modifiers
  • Inventory tracking
  • Employee permissions
  • Basic order management
  • Full and partial refunds
  • Cash drawer management
  • Track customer history
  • Basic reporting

Standard – $69 (monthly payments) or $62 (one yearly payment) per month

  • $39/$35 per month for each additional device
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Products
  • Everything in Starter
  • Bundles
  • Sell items by weight
  • Barcode label printing
  • Clock-in and timesheets
  • Kitchen printing
  • Automatic discounts
  • Exchanges
  • Store Credit
  • House accounts
  • Insights

Premium – $99 (monthly payments) or $89 (one yearly payment) per month

  • $49/$44 per month for each additional device
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Products
  • Everything in Standard plus:
  • Inventory Alerts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Log
  • Stock Take
  • Table management
  • Pay by position
  • Split and Merge Orders
  • Coursing
  • Automatic Gratuity
  • BOGO discounts

Paying for your POS system is only one fee among many involved in credit card processing. Looking at your merchant account statement is a clear indication that there are many players in this game. Most financial executives we speak with do not truly understand their credit card statements where their fees go. Structuring your merchant accounts to lower your monthly fees is possible when you know where to look and with whom you should speak. We have found that businesses that engage an auditing firm generally pay 25% lower fees than their industry counterparts and save significantly more per month than do those who go about it alone.

Talech Contract Lengths

Talech does not trap their customers into lengthy contracts and they do not charge a fee for canceling services. However, they do offer an incentive for paying for their services on a yearly basis instead of monthly.

Talech Customer Service

Talech has excellent customer service. One thing in particular that Talech seems to do better than most of their competitors is working the bugs out of their systems and improving their services on a regular basis. With regular updates and a large team on in-house developers, Talech puts a large effort into maintaining and building out their software.

To reach customer service, you can call their 24/7 customer support line, email, send a message via social media (facebook and twitter), or use their online chat feature (limited hours). They also offer lots of reading material on their website for set up and troubleshooting.

Online Reviews Of Talech

Customers love Talech and this is one of the many reasons we recommend Talech POS services to our clients. There aren’t many negative reviews online about this company and when there are, they are addressed by Talech promptly. Commonly, their most negative complaints revolve around a lack of Android support.


Talech POS Services For Accepting Credit And Debit Card Payments

Talech offers a POS system for restaurants and retailers that stand out above others. Enrolling in their services is a great idea for small to mid-sized businesses. But have you considered taking a deeper look into your merchant accounts and the fees you’re paying for accepting credit and debit cards?

Many retailers simply accept fees associated with credit card processing as a “cost of doing business” with no attempt to understand and reduce them. But engaging with account auditors at Verisave can not only help you to understand these fees, but we can also help you to take control.
Verisave is an auditing firm with your best interests in mind, eagerly committed to maximizing savings for your company. The key to maximizing your potential savings is ensuring that our incentives are properly aligned with yours. We accomplish this in the following ways:

  • Our auditing firm is an unbiased, independent third-party, unaffiliated with any merchant processors.
  • Our compensation is based solely upon a percentage of the actual, realized savings we generate.
  • We will not ask you to switch processors. However, if we find that you could be saving money with another processor, we will bring this to your attention.
  • Our service includes periodic monitoring to ensure the savings we have obtained remains in place.
  • Our team of auditors will develop strategies customizable to your personal account for lowering your monthly merchant fees.
  • We will provide a savings estimate help you determine whether the potential savings are worth pursuing before making any commitments.
  • Our savings strategies and estimates are completely transparent.

To better understand our services, watch this brief video:

Get in touch with a merchant account expert at Verisave today for your free statement audit. In a matter of weeks, you could be saving 25% to 35% in credit card processing fees.

Verisave Merchant Services Review: Vend POS

Vend POS Solutions For Retailers Processing Credit and Debit Card Payments

Vend offers merchants a cloud-based POS system coupled with inventory management tools through a wireless smart device. Their services are built primarily for retailers. You can set up a laptop, desktop, or handheld smart device to accept payments and access reports with or without an internet connection. Devices must be capable of running Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.5 (or higher).

Vend is known for being extremely user-friendly, allowing most anyone to comfortably learn their system and have very little problems with integration. The intuitive software is simple to learn and offers lots of information for making informed decisions when it comes to business management and inventory.

Verisave works with CFO’s, senior financial executives, controllers, and accounts payable teams to reduce the amount of fees spent each month on credit card processing. It’s a complex system that starts with your POS device and provider and works its way through gateways, processors, banks, and more. Having an expert from Verisave on your team will help you to decide on the best set-up for accepting payments, processing credit cards, and structure your merchant accounts.

Understanding the players in the credit card processing industry and the fees they charge can help you make better decisions and reduce your fees. In order to optimize your merchant processing and minimize fees, you should consider engaging an auditing firm.

Products & Services Offered by Vend

Retailers benefit from allowing their customers to pay using debit and credit cards, but figuring out which POS system to use can be a bit daunting with all the options available. Vend has a wide host of tools incorporated with their POS system and as a widely liked and user-friendly POS device, we are happy to recommend Vend to our clients. When it comes to accepting credit and debit card payments, Vend offers the following tools and services:

When It Comes To Processing Credit Card Payments, Vend Offers Merchants The Following Solutions:

VEND POS SOLUTIONS – Retailers have access to a lot of tools with a Vend POS system. With or without an internet connection, you can accept payments. Vend will resync your sales once you get your device back online. Create custom receipts, save notes to track discounts and other transaction details, refund past orders, give store credit, create individual staff accounts to track POS usage, manage and track cash transactions, and more.

VEND E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS – This solution is not included with Vend’s free services. But with a subscription service, you can have access to their e-commerce tools. You’ll have access to an integrated website builder, pre-built design themes, syncing capability with your store’s inventory, and hosting. The one downside we’ve noticed to their e-commerce solution is the requirement to tie your domain name to their domain name for their shopping cart services. However, this protects you from liability issues and PCI compliance.

VEND HARDWARE OPTIONS – If you opt to use Vend services, you can use their software on hardware you already own. Their software only requires Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.5 (or higher). You can also purchase hardware through Vend. They offer three different bundles.

Vend offers individual units for sale as well:

  • EPSON ™-T8211 (LAN) Receipt Printer
  • STAR TSP143III-BI (BLUETOOTH) Receipt Printer
  • STAR TSP100 OR TSP143 WITH AUTO CUTTER (USB) Receipt Printer
  • STAR TSP100 OR TSP143 WITH AUTO CUTTER (LAN) Receipt Printer

  • STAR MPOP (USB AND BLUETOOTH) Cash Drawer and Receipt Printer

  • STAR SMD2-1214 Cash Drawer
  • STAR SMD2-1317 Cash Drawer

  • DYMO


  • MOTOROLA CS3000 (USB) OR CS3070 (BLUETOOTH) Barcode Scanner
  • HONEYWELL 1450G Barcode Scanner

VEND PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE – Accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.


  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Authorize.Net
  • Payment Express
  • Vantiv
  • Square

Other Solutions For Merchants From Vend:

  • Inventory Reporting Tools
  • Customer Management Tools
  • Loyalty Program Tools
  • Price Books
  • Gift Cards
  • Employee Tracking

Vend UI & System Integration

Vend is known for its ease of use. The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly, making it an easy system to implement and teach to employees.

Vend offers onboarding services to new customers. They will help you to upload your SKUs, configure products, and other troubleshooting inquiries that you’d come across when implementing a new service like Vend. They also provide coaches with a retail background to help train employees to use Vend.

How Much Will You Be Paying For Vend Services?

Vend offers two set pricing plans, with a third pricing plan that is scalable for larger entities. Before you make a commitment, Vend lets retailers try the product for free for 30 days.

Vend Lite – $99 /month for an annual contract or $119 /month with no long term contract.

  • 1 outlet
  • 1+ registers
  • $20k monthly turnover in USD
  • Intuitive Point of Sale
  • Real-time Inventory Management
  • 24/7 Phone & Online Support
  • Small Business Reporting
  • Xero Accounting Add-On

Vend Pro – $129 /month for an annual contract or $159 /month with no long term contract.

  • 1 Outlet
  • 1+ Registers
  • Unlimited turnover in USD
  • Intuitive Point of Sale
  • Real-time Inventory Management
  • 24/7 Phone & Online Support
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • Advanced Promotions & Gift Cards
  • All Add-Ons & Ecommerce Channels
  • API Access
  • Multi-Outlet Retail Management

Vend Enterprise – Speak with a sales rep for a quote.

  • 6+ Outlets
  • 1+ Registers
  • Unlimited turnover
  • Intuitive Point of Sale
  • Real-time Inventory Management
  • 24/7 Phone & Online Support
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • Advanced Promotions & Gift Cards
  • All Add-Ons & Ecommerce Channels
  • API Access
  • Multi-Outlet Retail Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Customized Onboarding

Paying for your POS device is only one of many fees merchants will face when they opt to allow credit and debit card transactions in their stores. Most financial executives we speak with do not truly understand their credit card statements and do not understand where their fees go. We have found that businesses that engage an auditing firm generally pay 25% lower fees than their industry counterparts and save significantly more per month than do those who go about it alone.

Vend’s Contract Lengths

Vend allows you to choose between month-to-month billing and yearly billing. This offers you the ability to save money if you’re willing to make a yearly commitment by paying upfront for the year.

Vend’s Customer Service

Vend has excellent customer service. They provide support throughout the entire onboarding process. From there, you can reach their 24/7 call line for troubleshooting help. You’ll find a retail resource library on their website that includes:

  • Guides and eBooks
  • Insights and Reports
  • Tools
  • Articles
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Help Center
  • Help Videos
  • Vend U

Each plan has the option to add Premium Support (comes standard with the multi-outlet plan) for an additional monthly cost. This will give you personal set-up assistance, phone support, and ongoing training.

Online Reviews Of Vend

A common complaint about Vend comes down to their paid customer support. Vend is one of few POS companies that charge their customers for support. Though their payment route for customer support is odd, they offer a huge library of resources to solve a lot of issues without having to speak to a customer support rep.

Overall, customers are generally very happy with Vend. Vend’s navigation and data display are easy to understand as well as teach to new employees. There are many positive reviews on the web concerning Vend POS services.


Vend POS for Merchants Accepting Credit and Debit Cards

Most businesses accept credit cards as a form of payment from their customers, it’s a no-brainer. In fact, rewards offered to those using a credit card for personal or business purposes are substantial, making it an obvious choice for many.

Vend provides a great option for POS solutions to retailers. Their software is easy all around: simple implementation, a user-friendly interface, and easy-to-read reporting. However, if you’re looking to switch to a Vend POS system, it may be worth your while to take a deeper look at your entire credit card processing system to see if you could be saving money.

To accept credit and debit cards as payment is crucial for growing your profit margins but the cost is often unnecessarily high. Many businesses simply accept fees associated with credit card processing as a “cost of doing business” with no attempt to understand and reduce them. Why is this the case? There are three major reasons:

1. Account statements are far from transparent.
2. Your merchant processor is not incentivized to clue you into savings opportunities.
3. There is no way for business owners to determine current market rates for credit card processing.

If you are looking to take control of your credit card processing fees, speak with a representative at Verisave. With a free audit of your most recent merchant account, we can map out a plan for implementing proven savings strategies for lowering your merchant fees. Watch this brief video to learn more.

Vend’s POS software combined with the right gateway provider and processor are all factors that contribute to lower fees for processing credit card payments. Find how much you could be saving, today.

Credit Card Processing Audit For Merchants Using eProcessing Network

eProcessing Network, LLC build software specifically for credit card processing. They also build software to help merchants with business management including customized web order generation, bill pay tools, and inventory management tools.

Through eProcessing Networks, you cannot obtain a merchant account. Their gateway services and business management tools can be paired with an existing merchant account, however. A few major merchant account providers they work worth include First Data, Chase Paymentech, and TSYS.

eProcessing Network doesn’t disclose pricing on their website but like many in this industry, you can rely on a monthly gateway service fee, a small fee per transaction, and traditional startup fees. If you are looking to sign up with eProcessing Networks to use any of their provided services, let Verisave’s merchant account auditors help you with this processes. We have worked with many companies using eProcessing Network as their merchant account provider and their payment gateway. Over time, we have developed proven strategies for saving on overall merchant account fees that we can apply to your accounts as well.

Our experience in the credit card processing industry combined with our benchmark data from working with over 500 businesses in the US gives us a leg up when working with companies like eProcessing Network.

How To Obtain a Free Credit Card Processing Audit

Start by submitting a copy of your most recent merchant account statement. Our auditors check your statement for three specific variables to see if you could benefit from working with Verisave.

Three areas that Verisave will check for savings potential:

Industry Savings – How do your merchant fees/rates compare to other companies in your specific industry? We compare your statement to our proprietary data compiled of businesses similar to yours.

Benchmark Savings – How do your merchant fees/rates compare to our proprietary database/benchmark data? We will check your data against compiled data that compares benchmarks across the nation. Our benchmark data on eProcessing Network allows you access to factual savings information that can be applied to any eProcessing Network merchant account.

Pricing Savings – Are you getting the best pricing and rates from your processors? In most cases, we don’t recommend switching processors. But there will be occasions where you could save more by using a different processor.

Once our experts have reviewed your statement and determined if you would be a good candidate for our services, we will present to you a general outline of the savings you could achieve by working with Verisave. We offer our clients a detailed savings plan showing the specific savings they could achieve by allowing us to apply our proven strategies for lowering merchant account fees. Verisave’s experts put the savings plan into action so you can turn your attention to other areas of your business. Once the savings have been captured, we will continue to monitor your statements, ensuring that the savings remain in place.

Contact Verisave today to see how much you could be saving in monthly merchant account fees.

Verisave Merchant Services Review: XCharge

XCharge for Credit Card Payment Processing

XCharge is based out of Pleasant Grove, Utah and was acquired by Global Payments in 2012. XCharge is a virtual terminal system. They offer proprietary software combined with merchant account services to merchants for credit card payment processing.

XCharge works well as a virtual terminal option but has not been updated in a number of years. We anticipate that this product will eventually be phased out. In the meantime, if you’re using XCharge as your merchant account provider and payment gateway, Verisave can help you obtain lower monthly fees.

Speak with merchant account experts at Verisave to find out more about cutting costs and saving on your overall merchant fees. We have worked with XCharge on behalf of our clients in many industries and can help you to restructure your merchant account and credit card payment process with more efficient tools and proven savings strategies.

Products & Services Offered

XCharge provides merchant accounts to retailers and business owners, while also acting as the payment gateway for processing credit and debit card payments. When it comes to credit card payment processing, XCharge provides the following services:

XCharge MERCHANT ACCOUNTS – XCharge does not directly process payments. Merchant accounts from XCharge are provided by the parent company Global Payments.

XCharge eCOMMERCE TOOLS – The XWeb payment gateway pairs with the following shopping carts: Earth Skater, PDG Software, CustomCart, and eLink Ware.

XCharge PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE – Accept payments made with all major credit cards including Visa, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard. Also allow customers to pay via ACH or eCheck.

XCharge PAYMENT GATEWAY – XCharge pairs their virtual terminal software with XWeb – their payment gateway solution.

XCharge POS SYSTEMS – XCharge does not provide hardware for their terminal software. But the software can be paired with many existing POS systems.

XCharge MOBILE PAYMENTS – They do not currently offer an app for mobile payment acceptance. But you can use the parent company’s app, “OpenEdge Mobile.” This app is available for both iOS and Android.

XCharge VIRTUAL TERMINAL – Turn any device with Microsoft Vista or older into a POS system using XCharge’s virtual terminal software. You can accept payments while offline (storing data on your personal device) and once you have an internet connection, the payments are then processed. No updates have been made to their software to allow merchants to use more recent versions of Microsoft, which leads us to assume they will phase this product out of the OpenEdge/Global Payments list of services. XCharge has included built-in fraud protection to allow for PCI compliance. This software also provides online reporting that includes transaction information, merchant accounting, and images.

Try speaking with Verisave before enrolling in XCharge services. Verisave merchant account experts have worked with many companies using XCharge as their merchant account and gateway provider. Based on our experience with this company, we can help you save money that merchants cannot ordinarily obtain on their own.

How Much Will You Be Paying For XCharge Services?

XCharge does not disclose pricing information on their website. It will vary between individual merchants based on a few different factors, including (and not limited to) industry, monthly processing volume, location, and more.

Payments go directly through Global Payments for services. You can expect to pay a monthly service fee, a yearly membership fee, possible PCI compliance fees, and a wireless service fee if you use a wireless terminal.

If you use XCharge as your merchant account provider, speak with a Verisave merchant account auditor today. XCharge is known to charge many unnecessary junk fees that are hard to spot for the untrained eye. We can help to eliminate these fees and apply other proven strategies for lowering your overall merchant fees.

If you are ready to pay less for merchant account services, then speak with Verisave’s merchant services experts. Customers achieve an average savings of 25%-35% in credit card processing fees and other merchant-related expenses after a free audit from Verisave.

Consider Your Desired Contract Length

XCharge offers a three-year contract for services, with an automatic renewal clause that results in one-year contracts each year following the initial term. The automatic renewal clause can be removed from the contract before signing. It can also be prevented by giving 60 days notice prior to the end of the contract term. There are many merchant account providers that offer month-to-month accounts with zero termination fees that may make more sense for your business.

XCharge requires a merchant who cancels their contract early to pay for liquidated damages. This means you will be required to pay the entire value of the length of your contract – the entire 36 month’s worth of fees.

Speaking With XCharge Sales and Customer Service Reps

You’ll find very little information on XCharge’s outdated website. With the overall appearance of the site, outdated company information, and limited use of their software, it seems as if Global Payments isn’t paying much attention to this branch of their company. Signing up with XCharge may come at a more costly price than just their lengthy contract lengths and long list of junk fees. It could very likely result in poor customer service and troubleshooting by the looks of how neglected their online presence has become.
XCharge Sales

XCharge services are primarily obtained via third-party sales agents. Depending on your experience, sales teams and customer service may range from terrible to excellent. Without the direct input of an in-house sales team, customer service tends to suffer. For support, you’ll have to contact OpenEdge.

Online Reviews of XCharge

Most online complaints about XCharge concern aspects dealing with their merchant account service, not their payment gateway service. This includes account cancelation and poor customer service. When it comes to closing an account with XCharge, they’ve included specific demands in your contract. These can be confusing and require multiple steps for completion. We’ve helped clients cancel accounts with XCharge and have limited their frustration, but for merchants completing this process on their own, it can be overwhelming.


XCharge for Credit Card Payment Processing

We typically do not recommend XCharge for their merchant account services. With so many other companies available for these services, you’re likely to benefit from another route that includes month-to-month contract lengths, lower processing fees, and more favorable business management tools and customer service. While they provide a payment gateway that seems to do a great job, it can be simpler to work with a company that provides your merchant account paired with their gateway services.

Depending on your business’ specific needs and the services you obtain from XCharge, you can easily end up overpaying for your merchant services without the help of our credit card processing auditors at Verisave. We find that our customers are overpaying an average of 25% to 35% for their monthly merchant account, payment processing, and other credit card payment services.

Submit your most recent merchant account statement today to see if you could benefit from working with account auditing experts at Verisave. After years of working in this industry, we have developed proven strategies for reducing merchant account fees for our clients. When implemented in a specific order, we can maximize your savings potential.

Currently using XCharge as your gateway or merchant account provider? Speak with Verisave to see what we can do to save you money on your merchant account fees.

Verisave Merchant Services Review: USAePay

USAePay for Credit Card Payment Processing

USAePay acts as a payment gateway provider for processing credit card payments. While many gateway providers also offer merchant accounts, USAePay does not. They have, however, developed a number of tools, hardware options, and proprietary software to help merchants with credit card processing.

To obtain USAePay as your gateway provider, you have to also work with one of their partners that offer merchant accounts. This includes major companies like Global Payments, Planet Payment, and WorldPay. You cannot sign up with USAePay directly. This is one of the reasons they can offer lower pricing to their customers.

USAePay will be a viable option for some businesses, but not many. While they provide hardware (POS systems), they’re generally in need of updates and are not compatible with the most recent smartphones and tablets.

If you are looking to work with USAePay to take advantage of their lower fees for gateway services, speak with a merchant account expert at Verisave. We have worked with multiple independent gateway providers across numerous industries and can help you determine if USAePay is a cost-efficient route for your business to take. If they aren’t, we’ll help you locate a less costly gateway provider to limit your monthly spending on merchant account-related fees.

Merchant Credit Card Processing Products & Services

USAePay acts as a payment gateway for merchants accepting credit card payments. They provide hardware and proprietary software and charge minimal fees.

USAePay PAYMENT GATEWAY – While USAePay doesn’t supply merchant accounts, they partner with other companies who do. Then, they act as the payment gateway for accepting credit and debit card payments, or check/eCheck payments, whether in person or via an eCommerce platform or virtual terminal.

USAePay MOBILE PAYMENTS – Accept EMV cards, as well as payments made with Apple and Android devices.

USAePay VIRTUAL TERMINAL – Turn an electronic device (desktop computer or handheld device) into a POS terminal with USAePay software.

USAePay eCOMMERCE SOLUTIONS – USAePay offers a selection of shopping cart options and integrations. Digital storefronts can set up recurring billing and omnichannel solutions, pairing their checkout service and data capture with multiple points of sale. This service has free tokenization and fraud tools, making it PCI compliant.

USAePay CHECK PROCESSING – Allow your customers to make payments via check when you use USAePay as your payment gateway.

USAePay HARDWARE (POS Systems) – USAePay offers hardware but most of it is fairly outdated, with their mobile hardware being compatible with iPhone 4 and older.

  • Castle MP200
  • Castle MP200

  • Seiko RP-D10
  • Seiko RP-D10

  • Castles Vega3000
  • Castles Vega3000

  • Shuttle Jack
  • Paysaber Go
  • Paysaber Go

  • Star Micronics TSP100
  • Star Micronics TSP100

  • Star Micronics MPop
  • Star Micronics MPop

  • Woosim R240
  • Woosim R240

USAePay POS INTEGRATION – USAePay integrates with a large list of POS devices.

USAePay SHOPPING CART INTEGRATION – USAePay provides a massive list of virtual shopping cart providers that are registered with USAePay. Many popular shopping cart plugins are registered with them including WooCommerce and WordPress e-Commerce. Many of the companies on this list are also e-store builders. You can create a custom shopping cart experience to match the existing design and layout of your site.

USAePAY SECURITY AND FRAUD PROTECTION – USAePay uses tokenization to protect customer information during credit card transactions.

USAePay ACCEPT EMV PAYMENTS– USAePay offers hardware options for merchants to allow the use of EMV cards in their stores.

Speak with Verisave to see how we can lower your merchant account fees using USAePay. Traditionally, we will not require you to change processors, but if USAePay is not the best suit for your business and you can save on merchant fees by using another processor, then we will let you know. In any case, give us a call before making long-term commitments to any credit card payment processor.

USAePay System Integration

Theoretically, implementing USAePay systems is a simple process. But a majority of onboarding will depend on the merchant account provider. However, since USAePay integrates with so many available merchant account providers, shopping carts, and POS systems, they are an easy gateway provider to use with existing systems.

How Much Will You Be Paying For USAePay Credit Card Processing?

USAePay does not disclose pricing on their website. Fees for these services are determined largely by the third-party merchant account provider you’ll use to access USAePay’s gateway services. If you’re wondering which merchant account provider might offer you reasonable rates and reliable services for your particular field of business, speak with a merchant account expert at Verisave.

Verisave has worked with hundreds of companies to lower their overall merchant fees. We are confident our auditing experts can help you obtain fair rates for merchant account services. If you are already working with a merchant account provider, Verisave can still help you lower your overall monthly merchant fees. Contact us today to start this simple process with a free analysis of your current merchant account statement.

Contract Lengths For Using USAePay Payment Acceptance

Like pricing, contract lengths and any associated fees are determined by the merchant account provider working with USAePay to offer their gateway services. USAePay works with many well-known merchant account providers including TSYS, Global Payments, First Data, Chase Paymentech, and Vantiv (now Worldpay).

Working With USAePay’s Sales and Customer Service Reps

USAePay Customer Support – The website for USAePay offers lots of resources for support and troubleshooting. They even have a large library of video tutorials that can help you navigate a wide range of fraud issues, your recurring billing tools, and other transaction issues. Beyond their video tutorials, you can also access support with their phone line, ticket service, or email.

Unlike many companies in the credit card processing industry, USAePay’s website is full of information to help you understand the services and products they offer. Pricing is another story. You won’t find any information about fees and pricing on their website. For this info, you’ll have to figure out which merchant account provider to work with as they are the ones who set the rates for USAePay payment gateway services.


USAePay for Credit Card Payment Processing

USAePay is a great gateway provider. But obtaining their services can be done by signing up for a merchant account with a number of different third-party providers. This is where the decision making gets more complex. When it comes to processing volumes, rates for processing, and additional services, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Verisave specializes in reducing merchant fees for companies of all sizes. Working with 500+ merchants to drastically lower their credit card processing fees has led our team of experts to develop proprietary benchmark data for tracking and comparing your rates and fees with current market trends. Based on our experience with numerous processors, gateways, and credit card providers and now having an invaluable data set of industry statistics – our clients gain control over the confusion of the credit card industry and save money. Watch the video below to see how our trusted process works:

Whether you are currently working with USAePay or if you are just exploring your options, our experience in the credit card processing industry lends a considerable leg up to merchants in any industry. Contact us today to start the process of uncomplicating your merchant statement and lowering your merchant fees.

Reduce Merchant Fees For TSYS Credit Card Processing

TSYS is a major credit card processing company that is well-known in the merchant services industry. Many processing companies of this size have branched out into general business management tool development and TSYS is no exception. They offer the following services to merchants:

  • Merchant Accounts
  • Payment Gateway
  • POS Terminals
  • Virtual Terminals
  • eCommerce Tools
  • Mobile Payment Acceptance
  • Wireless and Telephone Payment Processing
  • Reporting and Analytics Tools
  • Customer acquisition and retention tools
  • Customizable pricing strategies for increasing revenue
  • TransArmor and STAR CertiFlash fraud detection
  • Simplified PCI compliance and auditing
  • Automated invoicing software

With TSYS, your company has access to reliable fraud protection and risk management. They provide data-tracking and reporting tools for a better understanding of your customer base. Many business owners use TSYS for their merchant account needs and at Verisave, we help these business owners to save money on the monthly fees.

Using TSYS For Credit Card Payment Processing

Before signing up with TSYS (or any merchant account provider or processing company) for processing credit card payments and other merchant services, contact Verisave to see if we can help you navigate this process. With our help, you can avoid the negative experiences other patrons have had due to misunderstandings and a lack of processor experience.

Verisave has worked with TSYS and many other credit card processing companies for years. Our auditing experts are well-versed in contractual agreements offered by companies like TSYS. Depending on your company’s unique processing needs, we can help you determine which processor and customizable package is best suited for you. We can then help you to set up your services while optimizing the most efficient rates and payment plans based on your estimated monthly credit card revenue.

Lower Your Merchant and Credit Card Processing Fees with Verisave

Verisave has worked extensively with most credit card processing companies in the industry on behalf of our clients to obtain better processing rates and lower merchant fees. Our years of study and experience have resulted in proven strategies that we implement to save our clients 25% to 35% in credit card processing fees.

To see if your company is a good fit for what we do, submit your most recent merchant account statement for a free analysis. We will check your processing rates and fees against our vast collection of benchmark data to determine how much your company could be saving using our strategies.

With help from Verisave, you could be saving thousands of dollars each month in merchant account fees.

Verisave Merchant Services Review: TrustCommerce

TrustCommerce for Credit Card Payment Processing

TrustCommerce is a well-known and well-liked payment gateway provider that has been in operation since 2000. At Verisave, we have worked with TrustCommerce often on behalf of our clients to save money on their merchant fees, including fees for gateway services. You can obtain their services through a number of third-party providers and they work with many merchant account providers including well-established companies such as TSYS, Chase Paymentech, and First Data.

TrustCommerce offers payment gateway services for all merchants, with or without an eCommerce option. Business owners can accept debit, credit, cash, and check payments in person, over the phone, or through a website. They have a great security feature to protect private customer information and to prevent theft or fraudulent transactions.

Signing up with TrustCommerce could easily result in high start-up fees, high early termination fees, and higher rates altogether if you are unfamiliar with the credit card processing industry. It helps to have a team of credit card processing consultants like Verisave to help you control costs with TrustCommerce. Speak with one of our merchant account experts to see if you could be saving more on your overall merchant fees.

Products & Services Offered

When it comes to credit card payment processing, TrustCommerce offers the following tools and services:

TRUSTCOMMERCE POS TERMINALS: TrustCommerce partners with Verifone and Ingenico to offer POS terminals to their customers. Merchants can also use EMV compliant models to offer more secure payment options.

TRUSTCOMMERCE PAYMENT GATEWAY: TC Integrated Payment Application (IPA) is the TrustCommerce payment gateway service.

TRUSTCOMMERCE MOBILE PAYMENTS: TrustCommerce uses SSL encrypted software (the PayWithIt app) to turn any mobile device (Android and iOS) into a mobile POS station. They offer a free 30 day trial for this tool.

TRUSTCOMMERCE VIRTUAL TERMINALS: TC Vault allows merchants to turn any computer or smart device into an encrypted POS terminal that can accept all payments (credit, debit, and ACH/eChecks). TC Vault also provides the ability to upload batches, compile reports, create custom fields, and set permission restrictions for different users.

TRUSTCOMMERCE eCOMMERCE SOLUTIONS: TrustCommerce can be paired with many online shopping carts including Shopify.


  • Integrated Payment Application. This tool allows you to centralize payments, compliance, and EMV requirements. It helps to prevent data theft with encryption and other security measures.
  • TC SMART Products. These products include TC Citadel (secure billing), TC Vault (secure virtual terminal), TC Trustee (secure integrated eCommerce software), TC Payment Portal (secure customer payment management), and consolidated reporting tools. All of these tools are encrypted for securing sensitive merchant and customer data.
  • TC Safe. TrustCommerce uses PCI compliant encryption to protect customer data when purchases are made through their POS devices.

Besides tools for credit card payment processing, TrustCommerce also provides useful business management tools such as:

TRUSTCOMMERCE REPORTING TOOLS: These tools allow merchants to create customized reports, view daily trends and metrics, and decline reports for simpler reconciliation.

  • Summary Reports
  • Chain Reports
  • Detail Reports
  • Transaction Detail Reports
  • Bank Settlement Reports

Having worked with hundreds of companies processing credit payments every day, we can apply our proven savings strategies to your merchant account. Working with Verisave is all the customization you will need for setting up your merchant accounts, even when it comes to choosing a gateway provider like TrustCommerce. If TrustCommerce is not the best option for your business, we will tell you who is. Give us a call before making long-term commitments to any credit card payment processor, gateway, or merchant account provider and Verisave will help you save on your overall merchant account fees.

TrustCommerce UI/System Integration

As a payment gateway provider, TrustCommerce works with many partners to make system integration simpler. Their services are supported by well known merchant account providers like First Data and TSYS. Since they offer POS systems from Ingenico and Verifone, merchants can often use TrustCommerce services without having to replace their existing POS systems. While TrustCommerce is a trusted gateway provider and used by many merchants across the United States, onboarding a new gateway provider should be done with care.

If you are considering switching to TrustCommerce as your credit card payment gateway provider, speak with the merchant account experts at Verisave. We can help you to lower your overall merchant account fees and see significant savings in the long run.

How Much Will You Be Paying For TrustCommerce Services?

TrustCommerce does not disclose their pricing online. Using TrustCommerce, merchants can expect to pay a start-up fee, a monthly gateway fee which averages $20-$25 a month, and a small fee per transaction.

For more detailed pricing information, you will need to speak with a sales rep. Keep in mind that their pricing will be different for every merchant based on multiple factors:

  • Your specific industry
  • Length of time in business
  • Your average monthly credit card processing volume
  • Processing history
  • Your desired tools and package customizations
  • Your credit card industry knowledge and ability to negotiate fair terms

Having worked with TrustCommerce through many of our clients, Verisave has developed proprietary benchmark data that allows access to more savings opportunities. We can help you save money on your overall merchant account fees with TrustCommerce regardless if you are just starting with them or if you have been with them for a long time.

Verisave customers achieve an average savings of 25%-35% in overall credit card processing fees with an audit from Verisave. If you are interested in Canceling Gateway Services, Implementing/Restructuring with TrustCommerce, or Trying to Achieve Savings with TrustCommerce, then speak with a Verisave merchant service expert.

Consider The Contract Length

TrustCommerce does not require a long-term contract and therefore no early termination fee for closing an account. However, if you are obtaining TrustCommerce services bundled with merchant account services, the terms for the merchant account may differ from the gateway and could result in long- term contracts with an auto renewal clause and an early termination fee. These are important details to know before making a commitment to merchant account services.

Avoid frustrating occurrences due to a misunderstanding concerning these contractual agreements by using Verisave’s merchant account experts to set up your merchant accounts, gateway, and payment processor. Our auditors can help you to map out the best route for your merchant account expenses, saving you money each month on merchant account fees.

TrustCommerce Sales and Customer Service Reps

TrustCommerce offers a wealth of information concerning their services and products on their website. However much of the reading is marketing jargon. More detailed information can be obtained through their sales reps over the phone or by visiting their “Resources” page online. This page offers more technical information about their payment processing and business management/reporting tools.

TrustCommerce does offer a free 30 day trial for their services. Not many gateway providers do this.

Technical support is available by phone. TrustCommerce also provides a library of resources on their website for troubleshooting. Videos are also available to help understand products and services.


TrustCommerce for Credit Card Payment Processing

TrustCommerce is a reliable payment gateway provider that works with any US based merchant account provider. Because they are easily integrated into most sales platforms, they work well with most companies, large and small.

We work with many businesses using TrustCommerce as their gateway provider. Verisave merchant account experts are well versed in their products and services, typical rates across specific industries, common contract practices, and more. Working with Verisave will help you to avoid the common frustrations that merchants have expressed in the past. With Verisave, you can expect transparent, measurable savings on overall merchant fees from TrustCommerce.

Stay two steps ahead of the enrollment process with a team of merchant account auditors on your side when enrolling in merchant services with TrustCommerce. With Verisave’s proprietary benchmark data on TrustCommerce, you gain access to factual savings results that can be applied to your merchant account.

If you are currently using TrustCommerce as your credit card processing company, you can still save money by working with Verisave. Submit your most recent merchant account statement and we will determine whether or not you could benefit from our services after performing a free audit of your account statement.

Savings Calculator

Benchmarking Your Credit Card Processing Fees