Credit Card Cost Reduction For Restaurant Owners

Most restaurant owners would agree that their primary source of payment is a credit or debit card. Very few restaurant goers these days pay for their meal with cash anymore. That means that restaurant owners can expect to pay a processing fee for each and every sale they make. This amounts to thousands of dollars

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Lower Credit Card Processing Fees By 25%

On average, Verisave has been able to lower our clients’ credit card processing fees by 25%, with many of our clients even seeing a 35% savings in their monthly merchant account fees. There are several factors that play into Verisave’s successful lowering of credit card processing fees. Verisave Helps Lower Merchant Account Fees When Your

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How To Minimize Credit Card Processing Fees For Online Retailers

Online retailers are limited in their ability to transact funds. Cash is not an option so every sale is subject to a credit card processing fee. Minimizing credit card processing fees for online retailers is a crucial aspect of cutting costs and acquiring more of each transaction. Credit card processing auditors at Verisave uncover an

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Understanding American Express Discount Rates

When referring to the percentage merchants pay for accepting credit card transactions, Visa and Mastercard use the phrase “Interchange Rate”. American Express uses the phrase “Discount Rate” when referring to their processing fees, which can be misleading. Instead of giving merchants a discount for particular purchases, they are actually taking a larger percentage of the

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Optimize Your Interchange Rates To Save On Merchant Account Fees

Too often, companies accept losing money on merchant account fees when they would not accept those kinds of losses in other areas. But merchant account fees are presented in such a way that it can feel like an insurmountable task to cut back on expenditure. It is possible the fees are purposely obscured so businesses

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Merchant Account Fee Basics: Visa and Mastercard Interchange Rates

Merchant account processing is a topic that involves so many variables, it is difficult to fully understand. Understanding credit card processing involves a variety of topics ranging from Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, and Discover interchange rates to processing options like Chase Paymentech, TSYS, Elavon, and more. This is why so many companies pay for convenience through

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Tips for Managing, Monitoring, and Controlling Your Credit Card Processing Fees

We have found that nearly every company is overpaying their credit card processors. Some companies are paying thousands of dollars each month unnecessarily due to high rates and miscellaneous fees attached to their merchant account. But, accounting departments are catching on to the chaos surrounding credit card processing fees and hiring auditing firms like Verisave

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Merchant Services Expense Reduction Strategies for 2018

As we approach the end of the year, we know many companies are once again looking to reduce their merchant services expenses. Below we have provided three different merchant account expense reduction strategies that will help you get started on the right foot in 2018. Expense Reduction Strategy #1 – Examine Merchant Service Fees First

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How Verisave Helps Reduce, Manage and Control Merchant Account Fees

How Verisave Helps Reduce, Manage and Control Merchant Account Fees At Verisave, we specialize in helping businesses  lower their monthly merchant account fees. With years of experience and back-end knowledge of the credit card industry, we managed to secure $5.3 million in savings just last year for our clients. Too many companies are letting their

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