3 Steps To A Credit Card Processing Audit: Audit, Restructure, & Monitor

Verisave is a merchant account auditing firm that was created to help businesses acquire the lowest possible credit card processing fees starting with a free credit card processing audit. We aim to achieve the most monetary savings possible for our clients. Without having to change your current processor, we implement time-tested strategies for saving you

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Ask The Experts: Is It Possible To Lower My Credit Card Processing Fees?

Many businesses simply accept their credit card processing fees with no attempt to lower the cost. While credit card processing fees are a part of running an effective business nowadays, our savings experts are here to tell companies that they don’t have to simply accept their current credit card processing fees as-is. Companies Can Lower

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Lower Merchant Fees by Working With Auditing Experts

Your fees, as a business that accepts credit card payments, end up costing you thousands of dollars each month. Without the necessary time it takes to learn and understand the credit card processing industry, there isn’t much you can do to avoid these fees. Credit card processing fees and convoluted statements become just another part

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Discover More Savings With A Free Merchant Statement Analysis

Verisave specializes in reviewing and locating savings within merchant account statements and every-day merchant processes. On average, we’ve been able to save our clients an astounding 25% to 35% in monthly merchant account spending. If your company is processing more than $100K each month in credit card sales, fine-tuning the way you handle credit card

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Can You Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees On Your Own?

Many business owners are beginning to recognize the strain of merchant fees for allowing their customers to use credit and debit cards to purchase their goods and services. That tiny percentage of each sale adds up to a significant cost at the end of each month. With a few strategies, merchants can find savings in

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Varying Levels Of Interchange Rates For Credit Card Processing

The interchange rate is a percentage of a sale the merchant pays the different entities involved in processing the payment. This includes the issuing bank, the credit card network, and acquiring banks. But not every purchase is treated equally in this industry. Depending on how you enter the credit card information at your POS, you

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Credit Card Processing: Level 2 Interchange

Merchant account processing has many complicated facets. A particular facet that Verisave’s saving experts have learned to manage is a company’s credit card processing level. There are several things which can influence a business’ interchange rates. One aspect is the interchange level by which a company’s transactions are processed. This is not the same as

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Credit Card Processing: Level 3 Interchange

A key aspect of credit card processing fees which can affect a merchant who sells to other businesses (B2B) is the interchange level of the selling merchant. This is different than transactional interchange rates, which rates are affected by the method which your company secures payment. Instead, your company’s interchange levels are completely dependent on

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From Beginning To End – Every Step Of A Typical Credit Card Transaction

There are multiple entities involved in processing a credit card payment. When a customer inputs their credit card information into your website and complete their purchase, their information is run through multiple servers, verified by different groups, and a transfer of funds is authorized and put into action. The Issuing Bank – This is the

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