Verisave Merchant Services Review: Worldpay

Worldpay for Credit Card Payment Processing Worldpay offers credit card processing services in 40 different countries across the globe. Since Worldpay’s merger with Vantiv in 2017, their global presence has grown to include businesses of all sizes with the Vantiv side catering better to small business and Worldpay working better for larger corporations. Considering their

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Verisave Merchant Services Review: PayPal

PayPal for Credit Card Payment Processing PayPal is an aggregator: a wholesale buyer or broker of a utility service, such as electricity or long-distance telephone service (or credit card payment processing), who packages it and sells it to consumers. Instead of acquiring a merchant account, gateway, and payment processor, merchants can choose to use an

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Verisave Merchant Services Review: Elavon

Elavon for Credit Card Payment Processing Verisave has years of experience working with merchants who use Elavon’s credit card processing services. Elavon is a part of U.S. Bank’s Payment Services division and works with nearly 1.3 million merchants in the United States. This large credit card processing company processes over three billion dollars in credit

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Verisave Merchant Services Review: TSYS Merchant Solutions

TSYS (Total System Services, Inc.) for Credit Card Payment Processing Verisave has worked with many companies using TSYS services to lower their overall merchant fees. TSYS is a credit card processor and merchant account provider catered to large corporations with high volumes of credit card processing. They process over one trillion dollars in credit card

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Reduce Elavon Credit Card Processing Fees

Elavon provides merchant accounts and credit card payment processing to small business owners as well as large enterprises. Fees for these services run a wide range but one thing is shared between all Elavon credit card processing services – contractual rates for processing and varying interchange rates for differing transactions. If you are currently enrolled

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Reduce Worldpay Credit Card Processing Fees

WorldPay merged with Vantiv in 2017. As two major players in the credit card processing industry, this giant company offers a wide range of merchant services with a specific focus on secure payment processing. WorldPay provides secure credit card payment processing to merchants all over the United States as well as globally, reaching 146 different

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Verisave Merchant Services Review: CyberSource

CyberSource for Credit Card Payment Processing Gateway CyberSource is a global payment gateway. They were first established as an online payment/fraud management service in 1994 and acquired Authorize.Net in 2007. CyberSource was then able to focus their efforts on large enterprises while refocusing on the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses. This acquisition greatly

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Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees For Elavon Customers

Elavon is another giant company in the credit card processing industry. They offer merchant accounts, credit card payment processing, their own payment gateway, and more. This company can offer services for small business with flat rates and fees. Elavon also caters to large companies, but their pricing is not offered online. For a quote, you

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Verisave Merchant Services Review: First Data

First Data for Credit Card Payment Processing First Data is a massive credit card processing company, with a client base of approximately 6 million customers across the globe. They were first established in 1969 and since then, have grown considerable amounts. With the size, reach, and resources available to this company, they have developed effective

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Credit Card Processing Audit For Companies Using Vantiv

Credit card payment processing is a standard expense all businesses can expect. But what many business owners don’t realize is that they could be paying less for payment processing and other merchant services. Simply lowering your rate by half of a percent can result in meaningful savings at the year’s end. Unfortunately, acquiring a small

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