Visa and Mastercard are Changing the Rules

Twice-Yearly Changes to Credit Card Processing Fee Structures Often Catch Merchants Off-Guard Here’s an overview of the changes put in place in April, 2019. Including one that can significantly increase a merchant’s Interchange Fees … The April 2019 Changes: Visa and Mastercard change the rules governing merchant processing fees twice per year: April and October.

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Infographic: Credit Card Processing Fees

Where Do Your Fees Go? When a merchant takes a credit card payment, a portion of that sale is taken in the form of merchant account fees … Every merchant must have a relationship with a credit card processor in order to take credit card payments. But the processor is ONLY keeping about 5% of

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Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees For BlueSnap Customers

BlueSnap acts as a merchant account and payment gateway provider for businesses accepting credit and debit cards as payment. They are best known for their services in eCommerce. They provide tools to merchants that allow them to easily build their shopping cart and sell products/services on the web. Fees for small business owners are uncommonly

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Verisave Merchant Services Review: Talech

Talech offers a great system for accepting credit and debit card payments in any situation be it a physical store location, phone order, or online storefront. Talech’s POS software is design specifically for retailers and restaurants. While not being our top recommendation for large corporations, it’s a great tool for small to mid-sized businesses. Talech’s

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Verisave Merchant Services Review: Vend POS

Vend POS Solutions For Retailers Processing Credit and Debit Card Payments Vend offers merchants a cloud-based POS system coupled with inventory management tools through a wireless smart device. Their services are built primarily for retailers. You can set up a laptop, desktop, or handheld smart device to accept payments and access reports with or without

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Credit Card Processing Audit For Merchants Using eProcessing Network

eProcessing Network, LLC build software specifically for credit card processing. They also build software to help merchants with business management including customized web order generation, bill pay tools, and inventory management tools. Through eProcessing Networks, you cannot obtain a merchant account. Their gateway services and business management tools can be paired with an existing merchant

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Verisave Merchant Services Review: XCharge

XCharge for Credit Card Payment Processing XCharge is based out of Pleasant Grove, Utah and was acquired by Global Payments in 2012. XCharge is a virtual terminal system. They offer proprietary software combined with merchant account services to merchants for credit card payment processing. XCharge works well as a virtual terminal option but has not

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Verisave Merchant Services Review: USAePay

USAePay for Credit Card Payment Processing USAePay acts as a payment gateway provider for processing credit card payments. While many gateway providers also offer merchant accounts, USAePay does not. They have, however, developed a number of tools, hardware options, and proprietary software to help merchants with credit card processing. To obtain USAePay as your gateway

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Reduce Merchant Fees For TSYS Credit Card Processing

TSYS is a major credit card processing company that is well-known in the merchant services industry. Many processing companies of this size have branched out into general business management tool development and TSYS is no exception. They offer the following services to merchants: Merchant Accounts Payment Gateway POS Terminals Virtual Terminals eCommerce Tools Mobile Payment

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