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Credit Card Processing Audit For Companies Using Vantiv

Credit card payment processing is a standard expense all businesses can expect. But what many business owners don’t realize is that they could be paying less for payment processing and other merchant services. Simply lowering your rate by half of a percent can result in meaningful savings at the year’s end. Unfortunately, acquiring a small decrease in processing rates and fees can take more time than it is worth for a high-profiting company. Additionally it does no good to reduce costs in this area if they simply jump back up a few months later.

Verisave has worked to control and lower processing rates and merchant account fees for more than 500 companies. Being experts in auditing merchant accounts and obtaining lower rates for companies in all industries, we know exactly what it takes to reduce costs in credit card processing.

First, Verisave will perform an audit of your most current merchant account statement. At no cost to you, our experts will comb through your statement to find pertinent information pertaining to your credit card processing. Using this information, we’ll compare your account to proprietary data with detailed benchmark information of hundreds of merchants to see how you compare. By checking your current rates against industry averages, Vantiv averages, and general credit card processing statistics, we can pinpoint specific areas of savings for you.

Let Verisave Obtain Lower Credit Card Processing Fees For Your Vantiv Services

Once Verisave has thoroughly audited your merchant account statement and located potential areas of savings, we will get to work, implementing those savings immediately. We have developed strategies to acquire the most savings possible for merchants based on our proprietary data and our experience in this industry. When implemented in a specific order, we can maximize your savings potential. Many companies that attempt to lower their merchant fees on their own can obtain a small amount of savings. However, if specific strategies are applied out of order, you may negate the possibility of savings through different techniques. Watch this short video to get a better understanding of our services.

Instead of attempting to acquire a small percentage of savings on your own, speak with an auditing expert at Verisave. We save our clients an average of 25% to 35% in overall merchant fees, leading to significant savings each month.

We won’t ask you to change processors to obtain your savings, but if you’d be better off using another company, we will let you know. Save your company money by working with Verisave. You have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to gain.

Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees For Vantiv

Vantiv is a large company offering merchant accounts and credit card processing. They have also developed numerous support services to business owners. In 2017, Vantiv was acquired by Worldpay. Currently, their company name is Vantiv Now Worldpay and consumers expect them to drop the Vantiv name altogether in the coming years. Now that they are a part of the Worldpay enterprise, their market has an expanded reach. Customers worldwide will be able to use Vantiv for most aspects of business management.

Merchants using Vantiv as their credit card processor have access to eCommerce integration, eCheck processing, virtual terminal options, chip card hardware, and developer tools for customizing their Vantiv services. Vantiv doesn’t advertise their pricing scales. For this information, you must already be a customer or speak with a sales rep to receive a quote for services. However, you can expect the following estimated starting points for their rates:

Terminal Credit Card Sales 2.25% + $0.10 (and more)

eCommerce sales 2.7% + $0.30

These rates are guaranteed to change and fluctuate over time. To get an accurate idea of what Vantiv will offer you, give them a call to receive a quote.

Verisave Can Help You Obtain Lower Rates and Fees for Services With Vantiv

If you are considering working with Vantiv, call Verisave and speak with a merchant account auditing expert to see how we can help you save money with our proprietary benchmark data on Vantiv. Especially important, if you have already received a quote, our benchmark data on Vantiv allows you access to factual savings information that can be applied to any Vantiv merchant account. Verisave works for merchants by doing all of the heavy lifting. We’ll identify where you could be saving more money. Then we’ll implement those savings for you, making sure you see a return within weeks of signing up for our services.

Verisave auditors have worked with many companies already using Vantiv as their credit card processor. We are very familiar with their way of doing business and the typical contractual agreements they arrange for merchants. Give yourself a leg up to make sure you aren’t overpaying for Vantiv services.

Three Aspects of Vantiv Customers’ Savings Potential To Consider

For companies using Vantiv Now Worldpay, Verisave closely examines

  1. Pricing Savings – Is your processor offering you fair rates and reasonable pricing?
  2. Potential Industry Savings – What are other merchants in your industry paying for processing services? Are you saving as much as you could be?
  3. Potential Benchmark Savings – Compared to our proprietary data of over 500+ merchants, are you paying an average rate or overpaying for your processing services?

As we’ve worked with numerous merchants, we have found that a majority of businesses are indeed overpaying for merchant services. Their numbers may be off by only half a point based on doing a Free Savings Analysis with Verisave. This can result in tens of thousands of dollars possibly being overpaid at the years end, because of higher processing rates and fees.

Whether you’re looking to sign up with Vantiv or if you are already under contract with them, we can review your merchant statement to determine if Verisave can secure significant savings for your company. When we do find qualified businesses for our services, our experts save an average of 25%-35% in overall credit card processing fees for each client we work with.

When you employ Verisave to reduce your overall credit card payment processing fees, your company automatically receives three guaranteed wins:

  • Pay nothing out of pocket for our services. Verisave will not be another business expense to you. We are compensated once we have secured savings for you with a portion of that savings. You can only benefit from our services.
  • Assume absolutely no risk. We’ll devote our time and resources evaluating your merchant statements for free before meeting with you. That way you can know what you are signing up for, before doing any of the signing.
  • Delegate a time-consuming task. Controlling and reducing your merchant account fees takes painstaking time, requiring companies to comb through resources. Capturing savings will be our full responsibility and not another task on your list of things to do.

If you are currently working with Vantiv as your credit card payment processor, submit a recent merchant statement for our auditing experts and let the evaluations begin. Once we have located specific areas of savings that can be applied to your merchant account, we will go to work implementing our proven savings strategies to your merchant account.

Verisave Merchant Services Review: Vantiv (Now Worldpay)


Vantiv for Credit Card Payment Processing

Vantiv (now Worldpay) is one of the largest merchant services company in the United States, operating since 1970. This company has gone by the names of Midwest Payment Systems, Fifth Third, and Vantiv. They’re rebranding again with the new name Worldpay since merging with Worldpay in 2017.

The name transition will take some time as they were once Vantiv, now they are Vantiv (now Worldpay). At some point, the Vantiv name will be removed and they will be simply one with Worldpay.

Vantiv works with a broad selection of payment processing companies. Formerly restricted to a US market, their merger with Worldpay allows them to access a global market of merchant processors and services.

Signing up with Vantiv (now Worldpay) could easily result in high start-up fees, high early termination fees, and higher rates altogether. But most of their contracted terms are negotiable before enrolling. It helps to have a team of credit card processing consultants like Verisave to help you control costs with Vantiv (now Worldpay).

Products & Services Offered

Vantiv (now Worldpay) is primarily focused on merchant services that enable credit card payment processing. With other companies, you’re likely to find that they offer similar services as well as business management solutions for accounting, HR, and more.

Concerning credit card payment processing, Vantiv offers the following services:

  • Merchant Accounts
  • mPOS
  • Mobile Payment Support
  • POS Systems
  • Terminals
  • Virtual Terminals
  • eCommerce
  • Recurring Payments
  • Giftcard Payments
  • Security

VANTIV MERCHANT ACCOUNTS – Vantiv provides merchant accounts for any type of business, anywhere in the world.

VANTIV mPOS SYSTEM – This is the card reader service provided by Vantiv. They use payment platforms similar to First Data, Global Payments, and TSYS.

VANTIV MOBILE PAYMENT SUPPORT – If you’re using your mobile device to make or accept payments, Vantiv has a support line for NFC-based payments.

VANTIV POS SYSTEMS & TERMINALS – Vantiv provides integrated and non-integrated POS options. Some of their more popular payment terminals include the Verifone Vx520, the Ingenico iCT220, and the Ingenico iCT250.

[su_row class=”s-row”][su_column size=”1/3″]Vx520 [/su_column]
[su_column size=”1/3″]Ingenico iCT250 [/su_column]
[su_column size=”1/3″]Ingenico iCT220 [/su_column][/su_row]

VANTIV VIRTUAL TERMINALS – Like many credit card payment processors, Vantiv offers a virtual terminal solution for merchants who prefer to use their computer or device as a POS terminal. They call it Virtual Terminal Plus.

VANTIV eCOMMERCE SOLUTIONS – This is a useful tool if you’re selling anything to customers outside of the US. The customer will see their preferred currency while you see yours. It works for mobile web transactions. It also allows for eCheck and PayPal payments.

VANTIV RECURRING PAYMENT TOOLS – You can offer your customers installment payment options as well as subscription payment options.

VANTIV GIFT CARD OPTIONS – This is not an option with all business industries. But many business’ can offer their customers the use of gift cards for their transactions.

VANTIV SECURITY – Using Vantiv can fulfill your PCI compliance. They encrypt their data in case of hacking and use tokenization to protect stored data. Vantiv’s security system is OmniShield Assure. Should your customer data be breached, you can count on their data breach insurance.

Vantiv’s Website Boasts Numerous Customized Merchant Services Based On Your Specific Industry

Vantiv (now Worldpay) has created customized merchant services packages for your business’ needs depending on which industry you are in. But taking a closer look, you’ll realize that each of these items leads to the same sign-up process – “Get Started”. So though they may seem to have developed generous information for your specific niche, they are really just using this marketing tactic to draw you in.

  • Pharmacy Merchant Account
  • Small Business Merchant Account
  • B2B Payment Processing
  • Restaurant Credit Card Processing
  • Retail Credit Card Processing
  • Salon Merchant Account
  • eCommerce Merchant Account
  • Non Profit Credit Card Processing
  • Internet Merchant Account
  • Franchise Credit Card Processing
  • Gas Station Credit Card Processing
  • Hotel Credit Card Processing
  • Law FIrm Credit Card Processing
  • Health Club Payment Processing
  • Dentist Credit Card Processing
  • Church Credit Card Processing
  • Corporate Merchant Solutions
  • Taxi Credit Card Processing
  • Medical Merchant Account
  • Education Payment Processing
  • Supermarket Credit Card Processing
  • Contractor Merchant Account
  • Liquor Store Credit Card Processing
  • Car Wash Credit Card Processing
  • Property Management Payment Processing
  • Daycare Payments Processing

Working with Verisave is all the customization you’ll need for setting up your merchant accounts. Having worked with hundreds of companies processing credit payments every day, we can apply our proven savings strategies to your merchant account. If Vantiv (now Worldpay) isn’t the best option for your business, we’ll tell you who is. Give us a call before making long-term commitments to any credit card payment processor.

UI/System Integration

Integrating the use of Vantiv credit card processing services, including hardware like POS terminals, is relatively easy. Because they focus on credit card processing and less on business/enterprise management software, there isn’t much integration involved. Enrollment, receiving hardware, managing statements, and paying your monthly merchant fees are simple to integrate and user-friendly.

How Much Will You Be Paying For Vantiv Services?

Vantiv does not disclose pricing and financials online. For a quote, you can submit a request and get an idea of how much you could be paying for their services.

Like many other credit card processing companies, your rates and fees will be determined by a number of factors. Factors considered when creating your quote for Vantiv credit card processing services include:

  • Your specific industry
  • Your monthly credit card processing volume
  • Your desired tools and package customizations
  • Your credit card industry knowledge and ability to negotiate fair terms

After working with Vantiv for a number of years across multiple industries, Verisave has developed proprietary benchmark data that allows access to more savings opportunities. We can help you save money with Vantiv regardless if you’re just starting with them or if you have been with them for a long time.

Consider Your Desired Contract Length

Vantiv has long contracts, lasting an average of three years. They are always set to auto-renew so buyer beware: if you plan on canceling your Vantiv services, be sure to know how to go about doing this to avoid auto-renewal. The early termination fee of at least $295. Early termination fees increase based on your contract.

On occasion, Vantiv customers have encountered fees for “liquidated damages.” Vantiv will expect you to pay (along with your early termination fee) 10-15% of the profits they would have made off of your credit card sales for the remainder of your contract. Before signing a contract with Vantiv, urge them to remove this stipulation from your contract.

If your interested in Canceling a Vantiv Contract, Implementing/Restructuring with Vantiv, or Trying to Achieve Savings with Vantiv, then speak with a Verisave merchant service expert. Customers achieve an average savings of 25%-35% in overall credit card processing fees with an audit from Verisave.

Speaking With Vantiv Sales and Customer Service Reps

Researching Vantiv’s Merchant Services – Vantiv’s website is vague. You can read lots of marketing verbiage for the benefits of Vantiv credit card processing and merchant services, but until you speak with a sales representative, you won’t actually know what to expect from them. Even after speaking with a sales rep, you may be in the dark. Many complaints about Vantiv come from a general lack of transparency and misunderstandings about contract elements.

Contacting Vantiv’s Customer Support – You can reach customer support by submitting a support request online, calling in by phone, or with their live chat feature. Have on hand your first/last name, legal business name, merchant ID, email address, and phone number so they can respond to your requests. They have multiple service phone lines including their main line, a line for eCommerce support, activation support, integrated payments support, former element merchant support, former Moneris USA customers, and former NPC merchants. Vantiv’s customer support has been found to be useful and efficient.

Online Reviews of Vantiv (Now Worldpay)

When compared to other credit card processing companies online, Vantiv has a surprisingly low amount of negative complaints. This is in respect to the size of the company. You will find complaints about Vantiv but most seem to involve customer service and outlandish liquidation damages of which clients were unaware.

There are regular complaints from customers who wished to cancel their contracts early but had signed contracts with a hardware lease that was non-cancelable.


Vantiv for Credit Card Payment Processing

Many businesses small and large use Vantiv for credit card processing. Having worked with a number of companies across multiple industries using Vantiv, Verisave merchant account experts are well versed in Vantiv’s product, common contract practices, offered rates, and more. To avoid the frustration that customers have experienced in negative reviews found online, work with Verisave to implement transparent, measurable merchant savings while working with Vantiv as your credit card processor.

Stay two steps ahead of the enrollment process with a team of merchant account auditors on your side when enrolling in merchant services with Vantiv. With Verisave’s developed proprietary benchmark data on Vantiv you gain access to factual savings results that can be applied to your merchant account.

If you are currently using Vantiv as your credit card processing company, you can still save money on by working with Verisave. Submit your most recent merchant account statement and we will determine whether or not you could benefit from our services after performing a free audit of your account statement.

Finding Benchmarks For Your Merchant Statement Analysis

One key aspect of successfully lowering your monthly merchant account fees is understanding the industry as a whole. There are countless facets to consider which is why truly understanding this industry can be an arduous task. At Verisave, we’ve worked in the credit card processing industry for years. We’ve watched as the credit card industry has grown and evolved. We’ve also seen how it has affected business owners as they’ve all eventually had to migrate towards offering customers the option of paying via credit and debit cards.

This experience in the industry makes Verisave an invaluable team player when it comes to obtaining the lowest possible rates for your merchant account. Verisave is a qualifying expert in the credit card fee reduction industry for three key reasons:

1. Verisave’s Experience Working With Processing Companies

We have worked with all the platforms that processors use and know the limitations and strengths to each platform which can directly affect savings. (TSYS, First Data, Elavon, Chase Paymentech, Worldpay, Vantiv)

2. Verisave’s Back-End Information

We know the back-end cost structure of an ISO or processor allowing us to measure the profit margin they are making on a Merchant Account. We also understand the strengths and limitations to each gateway and terminal machine that directly affect your savings.This information is a great tool for working with your current processor to acquire lower fees and maintain the savings. Without it, companies are lost in the dark and unaware of the potential savings they could be achieving.

3. Verisave’s Benchmark Industry Data

The credit card industry is vast. With many entities involved in the processing of one credit card transaction, it’s no wonder that the merchant must pay fees for this seemingly-simple service. Over years of working in the industry, we’ve collected data to understand company benchmarks, average fees, and so forth that allows us to help our clients obtain greater savings. When we identify potential savings for you, we have the benchmark data to back up it up.

As we work with your company to lower your monthly merchant fees, we aim to understand your individual business’ needs, current merchant account costs, monthly credit volumes and more. We combine this information with our experience-earned wisdom in the credit card processing industry to develop and customize personal strategies for lowering your monthly merchant fees. Strategies we have developed and used for years make it possible to achieve nearly 90-100% of the potential savings we locate for our clients. Send us a copy of your most recent merchant account statement today so we can begin uncovering potential savings for your company.

3 Steps To A Credit Card Processing Audit: Audit, Restructure, & Monitor

Verisave is a merchant account auditing firm that was created to help businesses acquire the lowest possible credit card processing fees starting with a free credit card processing audit. We aim to achieve the most monetary savings possible for our clients. Without having to change your current processor, we implement time-tested strategies for saving you thousands on merchant account fees.

1. Verisave Performs A Detailed Audit

Our auditing experts at Verisave comb over client merchant account statements to understand your current rates, fees, and monthly credit card processing volumes. Once we have a clear understanding of your company’s unique needs, we begin locating areas of savings opportunities of which most companies are unaware. This involves miscellaneous fees, inflated fees, errors, processing billings, and more. This service is offered to interested companies at no cost and requires no commitment.

2. Verisave Then Restructures Credit Card Processing For More Efficiency

Once your audit is complete and we have a clear understanding of your company’s credit card processing needs, we can do all the work to reduce your overall merchant fees. We have worked with all the platforms that processors use and know the limitations and strengths of each platform which can directly affect your company’s savings. Our knowledge of the back-end cost structure of the processor combined with our extensive benchmark data in the credit card processing industry are invaluable tools that we use to obtain lower processing fees. At Verisave, we have developed solutions and strategies to achieve 90% to 100% of the savings we identify on a merchant statement. Once we can restructure a company’s current merchant account, we can save you an average of 25% to 35% in monthly credit card processing fees.

3. Verisave Monitors Your Accounts To Ensure Your Savings Remains In Place

Saving thousands on merchant fees can be a reality if you let Verisave put forth the upfront time and effort required. Unfortunately, we see these savings slip away without careful monitoring of the account. Small fees and surcharges begin to reappear over time while processing rates steadily climb. To prevent the loss of your savings, Verisave will monitor and measure the savings each month by receiving a copy of your merchant statements. We will then present to you a detailed savings report and invoice each month explaining the savings achieved and maintained. Monthly monitoring is our way of guaranteeing satisfied customers.

Contact Verisave today to begin your free audit. Within 4 to 6 weeks, you’ll be on your way to saving thousands of dollars on credit card processing fees.

Ask The Experts: Is It Possible To Lower My Credit Card Processing Fees?

Many businesses simply accept their credit card processing fees with no attempt to lower the cost. While credit card processing fees are a part of running an effective business nowadays, our savings experts are here to tell companies that they don’t have to simply accept their current credit card processing fees as-is.

Companies Can Lower Credit Card Processing Fees

To lower your credit card processing fees, it takes an incredible amount of time to understand the industry and all of the players involved in processing a single credit card payment. The order in which you take steps to lower your monthly fees can play an integral part of maximizing your savings. Verisave uses specific strategies based on your current processing system to save business owners an average of 25% to 35% in merchant account fees.

Merchant Account Savings Must Be Approached From Multiple Angles

Verisave is able to find greater savings for our clients because of our approach. Combined with the savings techniques our experts share publicly, Verisave also:

  • Uses industry benchmark data to compare your company’s current rates
  • Has established relationships with all credit card issuers, processors, and payment gateways
  • Uses our in-depth knowledge of interchange rates to achieve better rates for your company

Start Lowering Your Company’s Credit Card Processing Fees

If your company is interested in lowering their credit card processing fees, start today. Submit your company’s most recent merchant statement for Verisave to conduct a saving analysis. This free analysis can usually be ready within 2-3 days after you submit your statements.

If your company chooses to move forward with Verisave, our experts start implementing the identified savings immediately so your company can start enjoying lower credit card processing fees. Reach out today to start your company on the road to greater savings.

Lower Merchant Fees by Working With Auditing Experts

Your fees, as a business that accepts credit card payments, end up costing you thousands of dollars each month. Without the necessary time it takes to learn and understand the credit card processing industry, there isn’t much you can do to avoid these fees. Credit card processing fees and convoluted statements become just another part of doing business. But did you know that by working with auditing experts at Verisave you can dramatically lower your merchant fees?

Verisave Works With Merchants To Significantly Lower Their Monthly Fees

When you have Verisave on your team, you win. On average, we save our clients 25% to 35% in monthly merchant account fees.

  • We will find a significant savings without asking you to switch processors.
  • The savings we locate are both measurable and transparent to your company.
  • Every dollar identified in savings is traced back to your current merchant statement and is a savings dollar not realized today.
  • You remain in complete control of achieving the savings.
  • Verisave is only compensated if the savings are achieved.
  • Together we are motivated by the savings.

Contact Verisave For A Free Statement Analysis

By sending Verisave a copy of your most recent merchant account statement, you’ll receive a report in 2-3 days detailing the potential in savings that we have located for your company. This is at absolutely no cost and no risk to you. Our auditing experts will comb through your statement, line by line, to locate savings opportunities.

Our benchmark data allows us to compare your processing fees and transaction rates to current industry standards and implement dependable cost-savings strategies that we’ve developed, and locate savings opportunities across the board. If you’re ready to add an invaluable group of auditing experts to your finance team, contact us today so we can get started on your free merchant account analysis.

Discover More Savings With A Free Merchant Statement Analysis

Verisave specializes in reviewing and locating savings within merchant account statements and every-day merchant processes. On average, we’ve been able to save our clients an astounding 25% to 35% in monthly merchant account spending. If your company is processing more than $100K each month in credit card sales, fine-tuning the way you handle credit card processing can shave thousands of dollars off of your monthly spending.

Verisave Will Perform Your First Audit At No Cost To You

If you are curious as to whether or not you could save on processing fees each month, we’re happy to prove our skill with a free initial merchant statement analysis. By sending us a copy of your most recent merchant statement, our experienced auditors can comb through your records line by line to locate savings opportunities. We’ll compare your current rates to industry standards and help you to find a better solution for reducing your costs in this area.

Our auditing experts will complete their analysis of your merchant statements and present to you a detailed summary of our findings. Our reports are clear, easy to understand, and the savings we uncover are totally transparent. As we aim to save you money, we also work hard to explain exactly how the savings can be obtained.

Once You’re Impressed With Our Cost Savings Analysis…

Consider us a valuable part of your team. Together, we’ll work to improve merchant account set-up and cost reduction. You’ll have our valuable expertise in the credit card processing industry at your disposal. After many years of working with a number of processors and every credit card company out there, we have developed dependable strategies for lowering your monthly merchant fees.


We’ve worked with a number of large companies, including:

On average, we’ve saved companies 25%-35% in monthly merchant account fees.


We are not incentivised by kickbacks, ties to credit card companies or processors. We strive only to find valuable savings for you and ask that in return, we share in the savings. If you’re ready to start cutting costs and making a real difference in your bottom line, give us a call. We’re eager to show you the benefits we bring to the table.

Credit Card Processing Consultants Can Save You Thousands Each Month

Merchants pay fees for each sale that is made using a debit or credit card. Though it may be a small percentage, the numbers can really add up over the course of a year. Let’s go through a basic rundown of the numbers.

Average credit card processing cost for merchants:

If the card is swiped:


If the card is not present


Keep in mind that these interchange rates are determined by a number of factors so these numbers can vary depending on each individual transaction.

At these rates, a business that processes an average of $500,000 a month in sales can expect to pay $12,250 – $16,250 monthly/ $147,000-$195,000 a year in credit card processing fees.

Monthly CC Volume: $500,000


Ave. Monthly Fee: $14,250

Ave. Yearly Fee: $171,000

Consider another company processing an average of $1,000,000 each month in sales via credit card transactions. This company will expect to pay an average of $28,500 each month or $342,000 every year in credit card processing fees.

Monthly CC Volume: $1,000,000


Ave. Monthly Fee: $28,500

Ave. Yearly Fee: $342,400

As you can see from the above rates, the actual amount that companies pay in credit card fees varies. If you are stuck paying higher than average rates (which many companies are), we can help you lower your credit card processing rates. In some cases, even a small change in the percentage can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Compare the difference in rates below:

Verisave Cuts Spending For Merchants In A Number of WaysThe difference a small jump in percentage makes for your credit card processing fees can mean the difference of thousands of dollars every month in spending. Imagine uncovering a savings of nearly $50,000 a year! With Verisave, you can expect to pay the lowest possible transaction rate for your merchant services. Thanks to years of experience and a detailed knowledge of the back end cost structure of the credit card industry the Verisave team can increase your company’s bottom line by eliminating and reducing your credit card fees.

At Verisave, we focus on three main aspects of your merchant account for cutting costs: Interchange Savings, American Express Savings, and Processor Savings. Significantly lowering your merchant fees requires lots of time, education, and testing. We have worked with every payment platform out there and a number of processing companies. This experience has been invaluable to our team of auditors. In about 2 business days, we can review your merchant statement and locate a number of itemized fees that can be either eliminated or lowered. Many of these fees are hidden between convoluted lines of itemized billing.

Send us a copy of your statement and at no charge to you, we will comb over the details to determine exactly what your company could be pocketing each month. Not only can we return a detailed summary of our findings in only a few days, you could be realizing these savings in just a matter of weeks. Call us today and let us show you what we can do for you.

Can You Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees On Your Own?

Many business owners are beginning to recognize the strain of merchant fees for allowing their customers to use credit and debit cards to purchase their goods and services. That tiny percentage of each sale adds up to a significant cost at the end of each month. With a few strategies, merchants can find savings in their monthly merchant account fees but it hardly seems to be worth the effort. Consider working with auditing specialists at Verisave to save significantly more time and money each month when it comes to credit card processing fees.

Combing through merchant account statements is difficult and time-consuming. With lists of minuscule fees and different entities involved, it can be extremely confusing to sort out. Without the experience of a professional auditing firm like Verisave, it is likely you will miss significant savings opportunities.

Business owners can save themselves an average of 3% to 5% in monthly merchant fees on their own. But Verisave finds an average of 25% to 35% in monthly savings on their clients’ merchant account fees.

Verisave Can Identify Savings That The Average Business Owner Cannot

One retail store was concerned their credit card processing fees were too high, and they implemented some of the savings techniques we discussed previously to achieve a 5% reduction in their fees. Verisave approached this retail store 6 months later and offered to review their merchant account statement for free. Verisave auditors located an additional 15% of savings (which included a savings with American Express). Verisave was able to implement these savings in less than three weeks.

See What You Could Be Saving With Zero Risk

Verisave offers interested clients a free analysis of their merchant accounts. Simply send us a copy of your most recent merchant account statement and our experts will comb every line to find you the maximum savings. We work with and educate your current processor to implement our savings strategies on your behalf. Within two to three business days, we will send you a detailed summary of our findings and speak with you about how to implement your savings. When you hire Verisave, you add an important asset to your team. We only profit when you do, costing you nothing out of pocket and only adding to your bottom line.

Contact us today to see what kind of savings you could realize in a matter of weeks.